Can I Put Body Lotion in My Hair

Can I Put Body Lotion in My Hair – How to Apply Lotion

As you’re here to read this article, I guess you’ve already thought about using a body lotion on your hair. And if I’m not wrong, you’ve already tried it once too, right?

Well, doing this once is not a huge deal. But the thing is- you can’t do it regularly. I was similarly curious about it and gave it a try. The result was not so good. So I started browsing the internet to learn more about it. Here I’m going to share what I’ve found. 

Can You Put Body Lotion in Your Hair?

I’ve already answered this question- you shouldn’t do this. The reason is simple- body lotion is made for your body, not for hair. So, it doesn’t suit your hair and causes issues like greasiness or fizziness. 

If you want to know more about it and the exact reasons, continue reading.

Can You Put Body Lotion in Your Hair

The Reasons for which You can’t Do This

To know the exact reason, you should check the common ingredients in a body lotion and their impact on your hair. Below I’m going to describe the impacts of some ingredients of body lotion on your hair so that you get it better. 


Body lotions come with fragrances that are calm on your skin but not calm on your scalp. Those cause scalp irritation which results in loss of shine and hair fall. In some cases, the fragrances are artificial which boosts hair fall. 

Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is great for your skin. It moisturizes dry skin and ensures nourished skin. But in the case of hair, it does the opposite. It keeps your hair out of moisture by causing buildup. As a result, your hair breaks easily. 


Paraben is used in body lotion to increase the shelf-life. However, it causes minor issues on the skin too. But these are used in a very small amount so that your skin doesn’t face any issues. But this small amount of Paraben is enough to cause damage to your hair. The impact is slow but regular use makes it faster. 


Lanolin is used in body lotions to protect your skin. But in the case of hair, it doesn’t protect it. Instead of protection, it increases stickiness and causes stubborn buildup that you don’t want to have. This results in hair breakage and hair fall. 

Some other ingredients in a body lotion cause greasiness and premature greying. Dandruff is another common result of applying body lotion to hair.

This is why you shouldn’t apply your body lotion to your hair. But a good thing is all the lotions out there are not made of similar ingredients. You’ll find lotions made of all-natural ingredients which are not so harmful to your hair. 

Wait! This doesn’t mean I’m suggesting using those on your hair regularly. You shouldn’t do that too. 

But in some cases, when you have nothing to apply on your hair but it is necessary to make your hair sit properly before going out, you can use those lotions with natural ingredients. 

Let me tell you how to do that.

How to Apply Lotion on Hair

How to Apply Lotion on Hair

Step 1: Check the ingredients of the lotion. Make sure that it doesn’t come with any harmful ingredient pointed above. If you find any unfamiliar ingredient, check Google to make sure that it is not harmful to your hair. 

Make sure that there is no harmful ingredient. 

Step 2: Take some lotion and apply it to your hair. Take a total of coin-sized amount on your palm and rub it with both palms. Then gently rub the lotion on your hair. Don’t rub it on the scalp. 

If you have short hair, the amount of lotion should be lesser. 

Step 3: When you’re back home, clean the lotion from your hair as soon as you can. Wash it away and then use a clarifying shampoo to remove the last bit of lotion from your hair. You shouldn’t keep it sitting on your hair. This may harm you. 

This is just a suggestion for emergencies when you have nothing else to apply to your hair. If you need to do this frequently, you should keep your eyes on your hair health too. If you see any issue, it should be stopped immediately. 

You can also have some alternatives like olive oil that you can use instead of body lotion. It enhances the health of your hair besides keeping it in control. Also, there are some lotions that you can use on your body and hair. You can get those for you so that you don’t have to face any issues. Check the internet for such lotions. 

Final Verdict

You can apply body lotion to hair, but not all lotions are for this. You should go for natural lotions. Also, even if you use lotions with safe and natural ingredients, you shouldn’t do it frequently. You have a very minor scope to do this. 

Instead of this, I suggest having some alternative like olive oil. Water also helps you to keep your hair in control for short times. You can use that too. 

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