How Long Does Perfume Last on Clothes

How Long Does Perfume Last on Clothes – BeautyBrandReviews

Your perfume is a significant part of you, especially when you’re meeting someone special. Also, on any occasion, perfume plays a significant role in boosting your appearance. So, it should smell nice. Besides, it should last for a long time. 

If the fragrance of your perfume weakens or disappears quickly, there is no sense in using it. So, you should buy a perfume that’ll stay with you for a long time.  

Thus, before picking any perfume, you should know how long the fragrance stays with you.

I’m going to talk about some typical assumptions on how long the fragrance stays with you. Have a look so that it can help you to make a choice while picking up a perfume.

How Long does Perfume Last on Clothes?

The duration of stay depends on the quality of the perfume. A good quality perfume is prepared to stay for around 24 hours so that the fragrance is with you for a whole day. 

But if you pick is a low-priced one, it won’t stay for 24 hours. Depending on the quality, low-cost perfumes last around 6 to 18 hours or a bit more with you. 

On the other hand, there are some perfumes you’ll find that last for a long time- a few days to a week. 

Also, it depends on the type of cloth. Some fabrics can captivate the perfume better. In that case, the smell stays with you for a long time. 

My preference is to buy a perfume that lasts for at least a day.

How to make Perfume last

How to make Perfume last?

If you buy a perfume that doesn’t last long, without switching it, you can apply some hacks to make it stay longer. Below are some common tips that work great to make a perfume last longer.

  • Apply the perfume on your body just after you take shower. Make sure that your body is damp. Damp skin can absorb perfume effectively and for a long time.
  • Don’t spread the perfume around you. Keep it near to your body while spraying. This will let you put more perfume on your body.
  • Apply the perfume to your pulse points. Pulse points are warm areas that help the fragrance to diffuse across the body. Some common pulse points you can use are- neck, inner elbow, wrist, behind the knees, etc.
  • Put a slight amount of Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying the perfume. It locks the scent for a long time.
  • Don’t rub the perfume after applying it. Let it stay. If you rub it, the chemical breaks down quickly and the top note of your perfume disappears quickly. If you want, you can softly dab it on your skin.
  • You can use an unscented lotion to make the perfume last for a long time. Mix a small amount of perfume with an unscented lotion and use it before going out. This will help the perfume last for a long time.
  • Spread some perfume on your clothes too. Applying the perfume just on the body makes it vanish quickly. Your cells can’t grab scents, but the clothing fibers can. 
  • If you use a specific perfume, you can use an effective trick. Spray perfume on some tissue paper and put those in your drawers. This will make the clothes smell like the perfume you use. So, when you wear your clothes, the perfume stays with you.
  • Apply the perfume to your hair. Spray some on a hairbrush and brush through your hair thoroughly. The perfume might make your hair dry. In that case, use a hair fragrance that has a similar smell as your perfume.
  • For quick touch-ups, apply perfume on cotton swabs or cotton balls and store those in a corner of your bag. This will allow you to have the fragrance throughout the day without carrying the bottle.
  • Keep the perfume in a place that is cool, dry, and away from direct light. Light, humidity, and heat reduce the intensity and quality of the perfume. Avoid storing it in your bathroom.
  • Never shake the bottle unless it is instructed. Try to keep it stand still. If you shake the bottle, air penetrates in and reduces the quality of your perfume.
  • Avoid transferring the perfume from its original bottle to any other bottle. In this pouring process, air easily gets mixed with the perfume and alters the chemical makeup. As a result, the perfume becomes weaker and vanishes quickly when you apply it.

Final Verdict

The typical length of perfume on your body or cloth is around 18-24 hours. It varies indirectly depending on the amount of money you spend on it. 

But the tips I’ve shared in this article will surely make your perfume last longer. So, don’t worry if your perfume doesn’t last long. Follow the tips and you’ll see the result. 

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