How Many Fragrances Should A Man Have

How Many Fragrances Should A Man Have In Their Collection?

The choice of fragrance depends on preference. Similarly, the number of fragrances also depends on personal preference. There is no rule that a man can have only one fragrance. 

Some use a specific scent so that it becomes their signature fragrance. This is good logic, I must say. In fact, I used to think similarly. 

But now I think a man should have more than one fragrance in his closet. Before talking about how many, let’s talk about why first.

Why Should Men Have More than One Fragrance

Why Should Men Have More than One Fragrance?

There are multiple reasons behind more than one fragrance. Some of those are discussed below.

Different Fragrances for Daytime and Nighttime Use

During the daytime, when you’re at the office, you should wear a fragrance that gives a light and fresh vibe. It should be something that seems professional and mild. 

On the other hand, when it is evening and you’re looking for some relaxation, you should wear a strong perfume that provides a relaxing scent. Wearing your ‘office fragrance’ takes your unconscious mind to the office. So, you can’t enjoy the evening properly.

Different Fragrances for Different Occasions

Your ‘office perfume’ doesn’t work when you’re going to a party. For parties, you need a strong and heavy perfume that spreads your presence strongly. Again, at a family gathering, you should wear a relaxing one instead of your professional scent

And surely you can’t go to your office wearing a party or relaxing one.

Different Fragrances for Different Seasons

The choice of fragrance should change depending on the season. 

When it is summer, you should wear light fragrances because heat makes the fragrance stronger and spread better. If you wear a strong one during summer, you’ll end up being embarrassed. 

On the other hand, during winter or fall, go for stronger ones because the weather typically keeps the intensity of the fragrance lower during these seasons.

Just Being Irresistible to Get another One

If you love fragrances, don’t limit yourself to one or two. You can always pick another one if you have the ability. So, even if you have fragrances for all occasions, seasons, and parts of the day, you can always pick another one. You shouldn’t be stuck in the concept of the signature fragrance.

Increasing the Collection of Perfume

If your love for perfume is more than regular, you can get yourself more and more fragrances to enrich your collection. Perfumes are addictive, I know. No one is limiting the number of perfumes you can have. 

So, you can always buy perfumes and make your perfume collection richer. You can build your own perfume closet, just like you have a closet for your clothes.

So, How Many Bottles of Fragrances should I have

So, How Many Bottles of Fragrances should I have?

I prefer having three perfumes at least. One is for office, one is for relaxing mood, and the rest one is for party mood. The office one should be subtle, gentle, and professional. The relaxing one should be calm, refreshing, and strong. The party one can be strong, wild, and refreshing. 

If you want to keep seasons in mind too, you should pick three more. So, you should have at least six bottles of fragrances if you want to wear perfume according to the seasons, occasions, and parts of a day. In that case, I suggest buying 50ml bottles to stop wasting. 

There is no upper limit. You can buy and store as many fragrances as you can. You can fill up a closet with perfumes. It totally depends on you. But if you buy this many fragrances, you must end up wasting a lot.

Final Verdict

The choice is always yours. If you wish, you can stick to a single perfume, though I don’t suggest that. 

But if you’re aware of the use of fragrances, you should go for more than one. I’ve already talked about how many fragrances you should have. You can follow my suggestion or calculate the number of perfumes you need. 

The fragrance has a strong impact on establishing your presence in front of others. So, you should pick a perfume that goes with the event. And if you want to do so, your closet must have more than two perfumes. 

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