How to Transfer Perfume from One Bottle to Another

How to Transfer Perfume from One Bottle to Another

There are a lot of reasons for which you may want to transfer your perfume to another bottle. You might want to carry it when you’re out or the bottle might be broken or torn. No matter what the reason is, when it is important to transfer the perfume, you need to look for ways for it. 

The problem is- there is no easy way of doing it. Perfume bottles come with a seal that we can’t break easily. This has made the job really tough. 

Depending on the original bottle and the bottle you’re filling, you’ll find multiple ways to do it, but there might be some issues too. It might be time-consuming, cause waste, or anything else. 

Here in this article, I’m going to talk about some common ways to transfer perfume from one bottle to another. Let’s start. 

How to Transfer Perfume from One Bottle to Another

Spraying into the Bottle

This is the easiest way of transferring perfume from one bottle to another. Below is the process.

Step 1- Obviously, the bottle you want to fill with perfume comes with a sprayer. In most cases, these bottles are easy to open for refill purposes. Open the cap and sprayer of the bottle. 

Step 2- Remove the cap of the main bottle. Then hold the sprayer near to the opening of the new bottle. Make sure that these two almost touch each other so that the perfume sprayed directly enters into the new bottle. 

Step 3- Start spraying the perfume in the new bottle. Do it repeatedly until you reach the expected amount. Make sure that all the perfume you’re spraying is entering the bottle.

Also, don’t fill the bottle fully. Keep some space for the sprayer at least. 

Step 4- After you reach the expected amount, put the sprayer into the bottle and lock it strongly. Then put the cap of both bottles in their places. 

This process is easy but time-consuming. Also, there is a chance that you’ll lose some perfume in the process. This happens because if you don’t have enough patience, you’ll spray out of the bottle frequently. 

Pumping into the Bottle

Pumping into the Bottle

If you have a travel bottle specially made for perfume refilling purposes, this process is for you. 

Step 1- Pull off the cap of your main perfume bottle. Under the cap, there is the white part that you press to spray the perfume. We call it the sprayer. Pull that off too. Hold it firmly and pull it towards the outside. It’ll come out easily. Under it, you’ll find the thin nozzle. 

Step 2- Check your new travel bottle to find out the refilling spot. Typically, the refilling spot is on the top or bottom of the bottle. You’ll find a mark there. Or you can check the cover to find out the spot. 

Step 3- Once you find the spot, place it on the top of the thin nozzle of your main perfume bottle. Make sure you’ve placed it perfectly. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting your perfume. 

Step 4-  Press the bottle down on the nozzle. It is the same thing you did while spraying perfume. The difference is- here you have the new bottle at the place of the sprayer. 

Step 5- Press it down and lift it frequently. On each press, some perfume enters the new bottle. So, continue this until you reach the expected amount. 

Step 6- Once you’re done, put the sprayer and the cap of the perfume bottle in their place. 

This process may reduce the waste to zero, still, you’ll need the patience to reach your expected amount. 

Pouring the Perfume to the New Bottle

Pouring the Perfume to the New Bottle

Pouring is easy. But in most cases, it is tough to reach there. In most cases, the perfume comes in bottles that are tough to open. You need to literally break it to pour the perfume. So, I don’t suggest this process unless it is a dire emergency.

Also, you can use this process if the original bottle is torn. 

Step 1:- Open the original bottle. As it is tough, you may need to use tools like scissors or pliers to cut the top to break through. Be careful so that the bottle doesn’t fall from your hand. This will create a fragrant mess. It might smell beautiful but still, it is a mess. 

Step 2:- Open the mouth of your new bottle. New bottles come with easy-to-open heads and sprays. So, it won’t be a big issue at all. 

Step 3:- Pour the perfume into the new bottle. Make sure the bottles are close to each other so that no perfume is wasted. Be careful while pouring. Keep your hands stable and relaxed. Pour up to the last drop because the original bottle is already destroyed. 

Step 4:- Put the sprayer and cap of the new bottle in their places. 

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Using a Syringe

Using a Syringe

This is another way of transferring perfume from one bottle to another. If your original bottle is broken or torn, you can use this process. 

It doesn’t need you to cut the whole bottle. Instead, making a small hole somewhere will do. But you need to make the hole in the right place from where you can reach the bottom with the help of the syringe.

Step 1:- Find a suitable place to make a hole in the bottle. For plastic bottles, it’ll be easy. But in the case of a metal bottle, you’ll have to be patient. 

Step 2:- Open the cap and sprayer of the new bottle. It’ll be easy because these bottles are made to be refilled time and again. 

Step 3:- Take a syringe and enter it into the old perfume bottle through the hole. Fill the syringe with perfume. Bring it out and spray it in the new bottle. Continue this until the old bottle is empty. 

Step 4:- Put the sprayer in its place and close the cap of the new bottle. 

Final Verdict

No matter what the reason is behind transferring the perfume from your old bottle to a new one, you should be careful about it. There are a few other ways of doing this. But the problem is- there is no single way that fits all. 

I suggest pumping or spraying in the new bottle. Also, if the old bottle is torn, I suggest using a syringe. 

So, you should pick a process by checking the pros and cons. This will help you to stay away from creating a mess. 

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