How To Use Cleansing Scrub Gel

How To Use Cleansing Scrub Gel | A Step by Step Guide

A cleansing scrub gel can be a great product to keep your skin clean and free from impurities. Like a cleanser, it washes away excess oil, dirt, and grime from your skin. Also, it lifts and washes off dead skin cells from your skin, just like a cleanser. 

Thus, it comes with the advantages of both cleanser and scrub. As it comes in a gel-based formula, it is definitely calm on different types of skin. Besides the cleaning properties, it comes with different vitamins and other necessary nutrients for your skin.

The cleansing scrub gel comes for both your body and face. While applying, you need to make sure that you’re doing it correctly to receive the best output. 

That’s what I’m going to talk about now. If you’re interested to know the right process to use cleansing scrub gel, keep reading.

How To Use Cleansing Scrub Gel?

The exact process of using a cleansing scrub gel depends on the one you’re using. Typically, you’ll find the process on the packaging.  Here, I’m going to talk about the basic process of using it along with some cautions. So, let’s start.

Step 1- Rinse Your Skin

The very first step is washing away the visible dirt from your skin where you’re going to apply the cleansing scrub gel. For that, take clean water and use that to wash off your skin from the outside. 

If you’re applying it to your face, wash the facial skin properly. If you’re applying it to your body, try to use it during the shower. Wash your body or the specific part where you want to use it with clean water properly. Be sure that there is no loose grime or dirt.

Apply the Gel on the Skin

Step 2- Apply the Gel on the Skin

Take an ample amount of the gel on your palms and buff it on your skin. If you’re applying on your face, a dime size should be enough. If you’re applying it to other parts of the body, take it according to your need. 

Start from a small amount so that you can add if you need more. Taking a huge amount for the very first time might result in overuse. 

Gradually you’ll know how much of it you need. 

Apply the gel properly on your skin. Make sure that it reaches everywhere you want. Don’t massage roughly. Stay calm and massage gently.

Step 3- Rinsing It off

After applying it all over your expected area, it is time to wash it off. For this, you need clean water again. 

Pour clean water on your skin and gently rub it to wash off the gel. It takes all the impurities from your skin and gets rinsed off gradually. Don’t hurry. Keep washing gently.

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1. Being impatient and rubbing harshly won’t bring a better result. So, have enough time to be gentle on your skin. 

2. You don’t have to use it every day. If you’re not from a highly polluted area, using it once a week is good enough. If your area is highly polluted, you can go twice or thrice a week. 

3. Before applying, wash off all the visible dirt that can be washed away with water. Otherwise, those may affect the effectiveness of the gel.

Final Verdict

A cleansing scrub gel comes with the benefits of both scrub and cleanser. So, if you can use it properly, you’ll get great benefits from it. 

Also, you need to pick the right product. Though it is suitable for all types of skin in most cases, picking up one that suits your skin is the best thing you can do. 

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