Is Corn Oil Good for Hair

Is Corn Oil Good for Hair | How To Apply and Benefits

I’ve heard a lot about applying corn oil on hair but was never a fan of it. The reason was obviously my arrogance. For a long time, I thought that corn oil is only for cooking. 

But I’ve researched a lot on it to check for any benefit of corn oil to hair. The findings shocked me. If you’ve never researched it, you won’t know how many benefits corn oil brings for your hair. 

Here in this article, I’m going to discuss the findings from my research. If you’re confused about the advantages of corn oil on your hair, you should check this. Let’s start.

Benefits of Corn Oil for Hair

There is no doubt that corn oil is good for your hair. But it is not just good. It comes with lots of benefits. Below are the reasons why it is this good for hair.

It Locks Moisture

Corn oil locks in moisture oil. It comes with vitamin E and vitamin K. Both of these are experts in trapping moisture on your scalp and hair. Besides, it also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. It hydrates the hair follicles to the end.

It Reduces Follicle Damage

The vitamin E in the corn oil and the antioxidants prevent the damage of hair follicles and keep them healthy. A healthy follicle ensures proper nutrients to your hair. Thus your hair remains breakage-free. 

It Nourishes Scalp

Corn oil comes with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These acids are helpful to your hair. These ensure proper nourishment to the scalp. When your scalp is nourished and healthy, your hair grows better and healthier. 

It Prevents Hair Loss

The fatty acid and multivitamins in corn oil have a direct impact on hair fall. These help your hair follicles to be strong and healthy. Thus, corn oil fights hair fall. 

It Protects Hair from Heat

Corn oil can save your hair from heat. The heat from heat-based treatments may damage your hair. But if you apply corn oil on the lengths after the treatment, it’ll save your hair from the after impacts of heat treatment. 

It Makes Hair Smooth

The omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids of corn oil give your hair the expected smoothness. Apply it to the lengths and you’ll see the result within just a few days. You’ll get smooth and enjoyable hair if you use it regularly.

How to Apply Corn Oil on Hair

How to Apply Corn Oil on Hair

To get the benefits from corn oil, you need to learn how to apply it. There are two common methods of applying corn oil. These are given below. 

Applying Directly

You can apply corn oil directly to your hair. For this, take some corn oil and heat it a little bit. Then rub the warm oil on your scalp and cover the lengths too. Gently massage your scalp while applying. Leave it overnight and wash using a mild shampoo the next morning.

Applying with Shampoo

Add 1-2 tablespoons of corn oil with the amount of shampoo you use at a time. Mix these properly and apply the mix to your scalp and hair. Wait for 5-6 minutes after applying. Then rinse the shampoo from the hair and scalp using clean and cold water. 

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1. Pick corn oil that is made for hair and skincare, not the ordinary ones that are prepared for cooking. Those are not suitable for your hair. 

2. Don’t overheat the oil. Heating up just a bit is okay. If you accidentally overheat it, wait until the temperature comes close to normal. 

Final Verdict

Using corn oil on your hair has a lot of benefits that you’ll love. The problem is- many of us don’t know about it. If you’re facing scalp problems or hair frizzing issues, you should use corn oil on your hair. 

You’ll see a huge difference after a few applications. Go for it. 

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