Should We Comb Hair after Oiling

Should We Comb Hair After Oiling – A Step by Step Guide

Oil is an important hair pampering product. It improves the health of your scalp and hair and stops hair fall and dandruff. Besides, it provides a glow to your hair. 

For all these reasons, you must add oil to your hair and scalp care routine. But just like other hair and skin care products, you should use them properly to get the benefits. 

Can You Comb Hair after Oiling? 

A common mistake most of us make is combing hair after applying oil on it. But you shouldn’t do this.

The logic behind doing this is- combs can go through your hair easily after you apply oil. So, there is less chance of hair fall. 

But things don’t work like this. 

When you put oil on your hair, your hair becomes fragile. Also, a gentle oil massage on your scalp makes your scalp relaxed. If you comb your hair in this condition, your hair breaks easily. Besides, a relaxed scalp can’t protect your hair from tension. As a result, you’ll see more hair fall if you comb your hair immediately after applying oil.

If you want to detangle your hair after applying oil, you can do one thing. Start combing from the tip. Gradually reach to the top so that your scalp gets enough time to hold your hair properly. 

Combining hair just after oiling is a big mistake as it causes more hair fall and breakage. So, don’t make this mistake again.

Some Other Common Mistakes after Oiling 

Just like going to comb hair after oiling, we do some other common mistakes that shouldn’t be done. Let’s see some more mistakes.

Keeping the Oil for Too Long 

You shouldn’t keep the oil on your hair for too long. We keep it overnight and the next morning, we wash it off. But this is a bad practice. 

Oiling makes your hair greasy. Greasy hair catches dirt from around. Thus it creates a layer on your scalp that causes dandruff and other scalp health issues. 

To stay safe from this, don’t keep the oil on your hair for too long. Keeping it for 3-4 hours is enough.

Washing It too Soon 

Sometimes we wash off the oil too soon. But oil takes some time to penetrate inside your hair follicles and provide the expected nourishment. 

So, leave it for at least an hour to get the expected result. 

Applying Excess

We think that applying more and more oil ensures a better result. But this is not true. 

After applying a moderate amount of oil, the extra oil you apply can’t help your scalp because it is not something like the more you apply, the more will enter.

To wash off this extra oil, you need to use excess shampoo which is not good for your hair. Using excess shampoo on your hair strips off the natural oil and leaves your hair dull and prone to breakage. 

Overdoing Massage 

Massaging helps the oil to enter the scalp effectively. But overdoing massage creates a problem. 

If you overdo massage or become rough on your scalp, the hair strands become weaker. As a result of this, you’ll lose more hair, especially while washing off the oil. 

Using Towel to Wrap Hair 

A towel comes with a harsh surface. So if you use a towel to wrap your hair after oiling, the chance of breaking increases. 

The best thing you can do is leave your hair open and stay careful. But if you don’t want your hair to get dirty or spread oil here and there from your hair, you can use a cotton t-shirt to wrap your hair.

A soft cotton t-shirt Holds your hair softly and reduces the risk of breakage. 

Final Verdict

After applying oil to your hair, it is always wise to wait for some time before combing. 

You’re applying oil for the improvement of your hair. So, you should stay away from such mistakes that affect the betterment and bring a reverse result. 

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