Babor Cleansing Foam Review

Babor Cleansing Foam Review of [2022] | Explain in Details

The cleanser is a very vital part of our skincare routine. The main duty of a cleanser is to remove dirt and oil away from our skin. But while doing that, many cleansers leave our skin dry or do some damage to it. That’s why you need to buy a cleanser that doesn’t do so while cleansing the skin.

In that case, you can go for Babor Cleansing Foam. I’m sure that you’ve known the name somehow and that’s why you’re looking for a user review. If so, I’m welcoming you to check my detailed review on Babor cleansing foam.  

I like to surf through different products, use those, and see how effective those are. So, I tried the cleansing foam from Babor too.

Here in this Babor Cleansing Foam review, I’m discussing what I experienced and what I think about it. Reading this is going to help you make a decision.

About Babor

Babor is a skincare brand based in Germany. It is also known as Doctor Babor. In 1956, it started its journey. 

Babor develops its products depending on natural ingredients. But with the power of science, deep research, and excellent innovation, Babor boosts the effectiveness of the natural ingredients. Thus, they offer some of the most effective products in the market. 

Products from Babor are setting a higher standard in the beauty and skincare industry. A lot of people are satisfied after using the products. I’ve also used some products from the brand and most of those were very effective. 

Cleansing Foam Review

Babor Cleansing Foam Review


Babor cleansing foam contains different ingredients for different purposes as it is focused on leaving calm skin. As a foaming cleanser, it contains foam that binds the dirt and takes it away from your skin. Also, it washes away the excess oil.

It comes with detoxifying Agrimonia Eupatoria which keeps your skin safe from natural environmental stressors and heals small wounds. Apple Fruit and Birch Extract in it works as an anti-oxidant. Lastly, Rosemary calms the skin and leaves a soothed skin. 


Just like many other luxury skincare brands, Babor has kept the packaging simple and minimalistic. It comes in a handy bottle with fuzzy material. You can see how much liquid is inside. 

The bottle comes with a simple design. Overall I like the packaging. 


Applying it is very easy. I followed the video on Babor’s website. 

Before applying, shake the bottle at first. Then use the pump to have some cleansing foam on your palms. It is liquid inside the bottle. When you shake it, it turns into foam and comes out of the pump.

However, 3-4 pumps are enough for you. Distribute the foam in both palms and apply it to the skin following a circular motion. 

After applying properly, use cool water to rinse the foam from your face. 

Babor Cleansing Foam


As I’ve used several products from Babor previously, I was expecting a good result. It didn’t disappoint me.

My skin is not that oily. So, I’m not sure about how effectively it works on oily skin. But on my skin, it did magic.

I used it after coming back home from outside. So, my skin had a lot of dirt and other impurities. It cleaned those very effectively. Also, there was less oil on my skin. The best thing is- my skin wasn’t dry at all. Instead of washing away moistures from my skin, it gave me stress-free and soothed skin. It was well hydrated.

It left a great first impression on my mind. 

They’ve said that it cleanses makeup too. So, I wanted to give it a try. 

I generally apply light makeup to my skin. But to test its effectiveness, I applied heavy makeup one day. After 4-5 hours, I tried washing my makeup with it. 

I won’t say that I’m impressed with the performance. It was somehow okay. I had to apply it twice with five pumps each time. 

After a few days, I tried it on my regular light makeup. This time it was better. Applying it once was enough to remove all the makeup from my face. 

Babor also claims that it has some anti-aging benefits. So, I continued using it for around two months. I didn’t find any major change in my aging signs. The lines were a bit lightened. My skin was looking a bit younger for sure. But I guess that was for the hydration and deep cleansing. So, from a point of view, it can be called an anti-aging cleanser. 

Overall, it is a good cleanser for everyday use. It cleanses, soothes, and hydrates your skin. 

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Pick it or not?

If you’re tired of cleansers that leave the skin dry and need a good one, you should go for it definitely. For cleansing daily impurities and removing light makeups, it is an amazing cleanser. It gives you an instant soothed skin.

Even the price is not a big factor in my opinion. I’m always ready to spend this amount on such a good cleanser. I guess you should be too.

So, you already know that my suggestion to you is- go, grab it. 

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