Chantecaille Neck Cream Review

Chantecaille Neck Cream Review – [Ultimate Guide of 2022]

In most cases, our skincare routine is focused on the face and hands. The neck is the most neglected area where most of us don’t focus. As a result, the difference between face and neck becomes visible and significant. This is where neck cream comes into the focus. 

Though most of the creams nowadays focus on the neck too, getting you a cream specially designed for it is better. These creams are made focusing on the neck area. So, the common issues in this area are focused on while making these creams. Thus, neck creams do a lot more than just brighten your neck. 

Chantecaille products are great for every perspective. The Chantecaille Bio Lifting Neck Cream is not different. It comes with some great features that have made it a perfect cream for the neck area. I know you’re already thinking about it. Here in the Chantecaille neck cream review, by sharing my experience, I’m helping you to come to a decision. Let’s start.

Chantecaille Neck Cream Review

I was not a fan of a separate neck cream for my neck. My cream does the job of hydrating my neck pretty well. But I saw Chantecaille neck cream comes with some great benefits. So, I thought about going through a test drive. 


Bio Lifting Neck Cream from Chantecaille is full of botanicals. Let’s check some of the major ingredients first.

Calcium, Amino Acids, and Remodeling Tripeptides work for making your skin cleaner and firmer by reducing the dehydration phase. To work on the fine lines, there is Tensine that instantly tightens and smoothes fine lines. Hexapeptides work to smooth the expression lines. 

It also comes with Glaucine that works on your jawlines and ensures a better appearance by reducing double chin. Watercress Skin Lightening Complex gives your skin a glowing and brighter complexion. 

Raspberry Stem Cell Extract instantly soothes your dry skin and works for soothing your skin in the long-term too. Besides, Magnolia Youth Complex also works to soothe the red and dry skin of your neck.

Neck Cream Review

My Experience

Seeing the list of ingredients and what those do, I was eagerly waiting for this cream. 

The appearance of it was great, just like any other product from Chantecaille. The white casket looks great. It is low-profile yet elite and catchy, just like the Bio Lifting Facial Cream from the same company.

The cream was soft to touch. The texture was creamy and gentle. I was feeling the cream-rich formula while touching it. 

Applying it to your skin gives you a smooth and gentle feeling. When applied, it spreads the subtle yet strong aroma that pleases the mind instantly. The thing I love most about this cream is it gets absorbed in the skin within a very short time. Besides, it doesn’t feel greasy when applied.

Just after applying the cream, my neck skin became hydrated and my skin got a bit brighter. These are the most common advantages of Chantecaille creams. So, I was not satisfied. The skin started looking more soothing than before. Also, Tensine did great because small and light fine lines almost disappeared. 

But I didn’t pay more than a hundred and fifty bucks just for the instant results. So, I continued using it to see the long-term results. 

The fine lines started disappearing within two weeks of continuous use. I used it twice a day. The expression lines were lighter too. And the best thing is- my neck skin was not dry anymore. Magnolia Youth Complex and Raspberry Stem Cell Extract did their duty pretty well. The overall condition of my neck skin became better.

I haven’t seen any improvement in my double chin. It was there just like it was from the beginning. Even after a month, there was not even a slight change in it. I guess this thing is a hoax. I’m not sure about it. 

The price tag it has is actually expensive. It does almost everything it says, for sure. Still, its price could be kept a bit lower, I guess. 

Overall, the cream is an amazing one. Starting from the appearance to the results, it was flawless.

The double chin thing is different. I wasn’t expecting a cream to fix my double chin. I just wanted to see if it could do it or not.

Pick it or not?

In this review, I’ve shared my experience of using Chantecaille Bio Lifting Neck Cream. You can see that this is a wonderful cream with everything you can expect from a cream. So, you should go for it. 

Now the question is- should the price tag stop you? 

I won’t suggest buying it if it feels too expensive to you. But using this cream is a different experience. From that viewpoint, you can try it once. After the trial, if you think it is worthy of the price tag, go for further purchases. 

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