Clark's Botanicals Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream Review

Clark’s Botanicals Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream Review

When a night cream helps your skin to recover from the damages of daytime pollution and sun rays, you should pick one. Besides, some night creams come with some additional advantages- just like the Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream from Clark’s Botanical. 

This is a good one from the brand that supports your skin to get rid of daytime damages. I’ve used it for a long time. Here in this Clark’s Botanicals Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream Review, I’m sharing my experience with this overnight cream. If you’re thinking of buying one, you can go through the review to know exactly what you’re going to get.

The cream was good as per what I’ve experienced. It fought all the issues I was facing. I’m going to write about those in detail. But before that, let’s know about Clark’s Botanicals. 

About Clark’s Botanicals

Clark’s Botanicals is a beauty and skincare brand that is constantly working on developing products using the strength and benefits of botany. So, the products from this brand are great in many aspects. 

Clark’s Botanicals started its journey after the accident of the owner, Francesco Clark. He got paralyzed. To save his skin from the aftereffects of the physical condition, he started developing a cream along with his father. This is how the journey of Clark’s Botanicals started. 

Now, Clark’s Botanicals is a well-known name in the industry for its botany-based products. The brand has a rich product line containing some effective products. The main focus of Clark’s Botanical is holistic self-care. So, they develop products that focus on improving the overall condition instead of just being a short-term solution. 

I like its products because most of the products in the line deliver exactly what is offered. Let’s see what the overnight cream offers and delivers.

Clark’s Botanicals Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream Review


Clark’s Botanical comes with a super trio of high-potency retinol, time-released retinol, and micro-encapsulated vitamin C. This combination fights against the fine lines and helps you to get improved skin. Besides, the colloidal oatmeal works to soothe and calm your skin from daytime disasters

The red clover flower in it works on reducing the large pores. Vitamin E works to moisturize and ensures protection against free radicals. Last but not the least, the power of Jasmine rebalances the appearance of your skin.

This is what Clark’s Botanical says. Let me tell you what I experienced. 

My experience with Retinol Rescue Overnight Cream

My experience

The cream comes with minimalistic packaging- just like most other products from this brand. The simple and low-profile appearance satisfied me. 

But appearance is not the main thing here, right?

The cream was neither so thick nor so thin. The medium thickness and smooth texture make sure that the application process is easy and satisfactory. I took a bit on my fingers and put dots on my face. Then I gently massaged to ensure that it reaches everywhere on my face and neck. 

The feeling after applying is good. It took a few minutes to get absorbed in the skin. But there was no uneasy feeling. It came with a charming and calming scent that made me feel good. My skin started glowing subtly just after the application. 

But the long-term impact is the thing I need most. So I kept using it every night. 

I started seeing the improvement in my skin within two weeks. The fine lines were reducing fast. Most of the subtle fine lines were not there. Even the visible lines started fading within two weeks. Within a month, I lost almost 50% of the fine lines on my face.

Besides, the subtle glow on my skin got permanent. Though I wasn’t expecting the glow, I love it. The overall condition of my skin got better. I was very satisfied using this overnight cream.

Overall, this is a great cream to have if you want to get rid of daytime damages and aging signs. Besides the face and neck, you can use this cream in other places of your body with signs of aging too. My only problem with the cream is the price tag it comes with. Though it is worth it, the price could be a bit lower.

However, this cream is not always suitable for sensitive skin. So, if your skin is sensitive, at first you can try a patch test or avoid it. Also, for pregnant women, using this cream is not recommended.

Buy it or not?

I’ll definitely suggest buying it. I’m suggesting it from my experience. Besides, you’ll see that a lot of people on the internet are saying the same about it. 

This cream does exactly what it says. So, as you’re thinking of buying it, go for it. From the results I’ve found, spending a hundred and a few bucks for it is a worthy investment if you’re willing to spend this amount. 

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