Elizabeth Arden Prevage Serum Reviews

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Serum Reviews [Explain in Details]

Life is good when your serum works properly. Yes, a serum is very important in your skincare routine. It comes with a load of skincare ingredients to ensure a fast as well as an effective result. As these are full of benefits, these are expensive too. 

This is another reason for which you should pick an effective serum. Spending a huge amount on a serum that doesn’t work properly is a huge disappointment. 

When you’re looking for an effective serum that can remove aging signs from your skin and bring your skin back to the new condition, Prevage Anti-Aging + Intense Repair daily serum can be a good option. 

Using this serum was a worthy experience for me. It is good and worked well on my skin. Here I’m sharing my experience of using it with you. If you think a review can help you in making a decision, you’re in the right place. 

About Elizabeth Arden

The brand that we’re talking about, Elizabeth Arden, was formed by a Canadian-American woman Florence Nightingale Graham. Her journey started with her own Red Door Salon in 1910 in New York City. She wanted to work on the beauty of women and that’s why she started it.

She realized that applying a coating of makeup on the skin doesn’t mean beauty. Instead, beauty lies on the skin itself. So, she started developing products that can put a longer impact on the skin and unleash inner beauty. 

Even after her death, her brand Elizabeth Arden has continued the legacy. The products under this brand are some of the bests in the market. 

Prevage Serum Reviews

Elizabeth Arden Prevage Serum Reviews


PREVAGE® Anti-Aging + Intensive Repair Daily Serum is for saving your skin from breakage caused by aging signs and repairing it. That’s why it comes with Idebenone, Arazine, and Thiotaine. These ingredients neutralize free radical damages and save your skin.

To soothe your skin from the impacts of damages, it comes with Panthenyl Triacetate and Naringenin. These also reduce redness. Also, it comes with Optical Diffusers and Silicone that are focused on reducing wrinkles and fine lines. 

Also, it contains ingredients that improve the radiance of your skin. 


The serum comes in a silver-colored and shiny premium bottle which is the signature of Elizabeth Arden. The bottle is something elegant and I love the appearance. 

The serum itself is an orange-colored serum, which is probably the signature of Prevage. Because of the color, it looks a bit thick. But it is not so thick at all. With a smooth texture and thin appearance, the serum quickly gets absorbed. 


The bottle comes with a dropper. You have to use the dropper to pick the serum and apply it. 

To apply, simply apply a few drops on different parts of your cleansed face and massage properly. It is not a tough task at all. 

The Result

The result is the most significant part of the review, right? 

Well, after applying it for the first time, there was nothing exciting. It got absorbed in the skin quickly as expected. I was feeling that I’ve applied something on my face seeing the appearance. It was a bit smoother to see. 

But there was nothing like instant hydration, or radiance that I used to see after applying other products from Prevage. 

So, I was a bit upset. However, I thought of continuing it. I used to apply the serum almost every day. 

After a week, I started seeing comparatively smoother skin. The signs of damage started to fade away and skin started being fresher. 

Within a month, I started getting what I expected from it. Aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines were reduced a lot. I got tighter skin compared to the point when I started using the serum. Also, it made my skin glow brighter. 

I’ve used the serum for around two months. Within this time, it showed me a huge improvement. 

But I didn’t continue it. 

The reason is the price. It comes with a very costly price tag that has made it tough for me to continue using it. 

I’ve loved it for many reasons. It might not be that fast but it has improved my skin a lot. But spending more than two hundred bucks is way more than I want to spend. 

Pick it or not?

If you don’t have any problem with the price tag it comes with, you can go for it. This serum is very effective and ensures several benefits for your facial skin. By shielding your skin from free radical damages, it reduces the aging signs. 

But if you think that it is a bit costly, you have other options to choose from. Don’t pressurize yourself if your budget can’t get you this one. 

I just want to say that it is an effective cream that has some cheaper alternatives too. So, you can go for it or search for alternatives depending on your budget. 

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