Image Skincare Prevention Reviews

Image Skincare Prevention Reviews [Ultimate Guide of 2022]

Taking care of the skin is very tough. You need to protect it from the sun, keep it hydrated, take care of the aging signs, get rid of the damages, and so on. Also, for all these, you need to pick the right product that matches your skin and doesn’t create any issues. 

While looking for some moisturizer for your dry skin, you must have heard about Prevention+ Daily Hydrating Moisturizer with SPF 30+ from Image Skincare. As Image is known for some of the best products, you should hear about this

However, this is a moisturizer for dry skin that hydrates the skin and protects it from the damaging rays of the sun. Recently I’ve used this moisturizer on my skin. Now, I want to share my experience about it so that you can understand it better. 

But why don’t we talk a bit about Image Skincare?

About Image Skincare

Image Skincare is a beauty and skincare brand known all around the world for its effective products that fulfill the needs of your skin. Being started by an esthetician and plastic surgeon, Image Skincare is trusted by more than 30,000 skincare professionals from around 60 different countries. 

The main strength of Image Skincare is its innovative formulas and effective ingredients. The blend of these two things brings out something awesome that is loved by all. Image tastes its products clinically and practically and then offers them to the market. To support the long-term health of your skin, Image has very few alternatives. 

Image Skincare Prevention Review

Image Skincare Prevention Reviews


It comes with Aloe Vera and Castor seed oil to keep your skin full of hydration. Besides, it contains Hydrolyzed pea protein that protects your skin from blue light from the sun as well as the screen of digital devices. Antioxidant blend inside the moisturizer fights against damages and prevents premature aging. 

According to the website of Image Skincare, its Prevention+ moisturizer comes with a new formula. In the new formula, Zinc Oxide is added to protect your skin against both UVA and UVB from the sun. 


The Prevention+ moisturizer comes in a nicely designed tube. Inside the tube, the moisturizer is a thick and creamy substance. Because of the smooth texture, it feels good to touch and apply.


You have to apply it just like other moisturizers. I just had some of it on my fingertips, put a few dots here and there on my face, and massaged it all over my face gently. 

Image Skincare suggests applying it at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Also, it should be applied again and again every 2 hours. 

Result of Image Skincare Prevention

The Result

I wasn’t sure about how long it takes to get absorbed in the skin because I’ve seen many thick creams and moisturizers vanish within a short time. I expected it to be similar, but it disappointed me. 

Maybe because of the texture or the formula, it took a long time to go inside the skin. Besides, it was feeling greasy on the skin. I was feeling a bit uneasy. 

But it did its job pretty well. My dry skin turned into a hydrated and plump skin immediately after applying it. It felt smoother to touch too. 

From the point of sun protection, it was a good one. I had to move under the sun a few times. Still, my skin was less damaged than before in the evening. I guess the blue light protection part was effective too. 

Overall, my first experience of using moisturizer was somehow satisfactory. But it was a bit uncomfortable too. I didn’t like the greasy feeling at all. 

I decided to continue using it to check if it can show a better performance somehow. 

After using it for a month, it gave me smoother and softer skin that is hydrated properly. The signs of dryness were completely removed from my face. Also, the signs of sun damage were almost gone. But I couldn’t avoid the uncomfortable feeling even after using it for a month. Besides, I didn’t like to apply it every two hours. I needed something that stayed longer. 

So I decided to switch to another moisturizer. 

It is a good moisturizer for sure. From hydrating your skin to keeping it safe from the sunrays, it does everything it says. So, you can’t complain that much. 

However, from a moisturizer that costs me around fifty bucks, I was looking for better performance. So, I was a bit disappointed. 

Pick it or not?

If you can ignore the greasy feeling on your skin after applying it, you can pick this for yourself. For dry skin, it is a perfect moisturizer that can remove the dryness within a short time. 

If you pick it, you have to take the hassle of reapplying it every two hours. You can use it only when you’re going out from home or the workplace. But if you’re doing something that asks you to stay under the sun most of the time, I won’t suggest picking it unless you can apply it every two hours. 

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