Kiierr Laser Cap Reviews

Kiierr Laser Cap Reviews of [2022] – A Step by Step Guide

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Hair thinning is a huge problem for many people nowadays. Hairfall has increased a lot these days and new hair growth is reducing. As a result, most of us are facing hair thinning problems at a very early age that is resulting in a lack of confidence. 

Fighting hair thinning is very expensive and it might not bring your hair back. What If you get a cheaper option (cheaper than many other options) to treat this problem at home? 

Obviously, anything like this is a good thing to have. This is where Kiierr comes. It has introduced a laser cap system for your hair growth which allows you to take care of your hair thinning problem sitting at home. It is not suitable for all types of hair issues but has a high success rate in the cases it can cure. 

Yes, I’m talking about the Kiierr laser cap. I’ve used it to take care of my hair thinning problem. Now I’m going to talk about my opinion about the laser cap. If you’re interested in it, continue reading this Kiierr Laser Cap Review

About Kiierr

Kiierr laser caps started being sold in 2018, but the journey started a lot more years ago. In 2008, one of the owners of Kiierr, Jolene became sick and eventually came to know about natural healing and Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT).

From the learning, Jolene and mike (her friend from college) started Kiierr. Their main focus was to help people who are facing the problem of hair thinning. They wanted to utilize the potential of LLLT for this. 

They started designing and developing the product and ended up with an awesome cap-style at-home laser treatment that can help with early and medium states of hair loss. 

Kiierr Laser Cap Reviews

How to Use

Using it doesn’t require any type of expertise. Put it on your head like just another cap and push the on button. It’ll start doing its job. After around 30 minutes, it’ll stop automatically. Take it from your head and store it at your convenient place.

You have to charge it. For this, the power plug and USB cord comes with it. You can charge it just like how you charge your mobile phone.

Kiierr suggests using it around 3-4 times a week. After getting thicker hair that may take around 6-10 months, you should use it once or twice a week. 

The user manual and FAQ guide that comes with it would tell you more.

How  Kiierr Laser Cap Works

How It Works

The cap comes with medical-grade laser diodes that send mild laser signals to the scalp. These penetrate the scalp and stimulate the follicles, provide essential nutrients including Oxygen, promote hair growth, and reduce inflammation

Thus the follicles become stronger than before. Because of the follicles being strong, new hair growth happens and this time the hair also grows stronger. 

Time Required

Depending on your skin type and the frequency of your hair fall, you may see the growth within 6 to 10 weeks. To enjoy the maximum result, you may have to wait for around 6-7 months. The improvement can be quicker or slower depending on several criteria. 

However, it is only effective for primary to medium hair loss. If you’re totally bald, it can’t help you with hair growth.

Also, Kiierr doesn’t guarantee hair growth. Around 90% of the users have seen improvement. 

My Experience

I’ve undergone some therapies for my hair loss problem, but nothing could solve it. So, when my dad gave me this, I wasn’t that happy. I didn’t have any expectations from it. 

But I started using it as my dad wanted me to. The cap is lightweight. So, it was comfortable to wear. Besides, it has a stretch-fit headband. So, I didn’t have to struggle to wear it. I was doing my daily task keeping it on my head. As it takes only 30 minutes, fitting it into my daily life was not a big deal at all. 

I started seeing the result within around 20 days. Within this time, it reduced my hair fall by around 70-80 percent. It made me excited about the laser cap. I started waiting eagerly to see the next step.

After around 40-45 days, I started seeing better growth with the appearance of new hair. Before using this, new hair strands were thin and weak. But after this, the new hair strands were thick and strong. So, I was confident about the cap. 

It took around 150-160 days to give a thicker and fuller hair that I couldn’t achieve after several treatments. My experience with it was truly satisfying. 

Pros & Cons of Kiierr Laser Cap

Pros of Kiierr Laser Cap

1. The cap can be used by both men and women. It is stylish and suites well. Also, wearing it is not a hassle at all.

2. It comes with an automatic shut-down option when the session is done. Also, you’ll hear beep sounds after every 10 minutes. 

3. It uses medical-grade laser diodes.

4. You can use it anytime you want- starting from when you’re eating to when you’re reading a book.

5. In clinical studies, it has shown around 93% effectiveness.

6. It prevents hair fall, improves the health of hair follicles, cures damaged hair, and grows stronger hair strands.

7. It comes with zero side effects.

Cons of Kiierr Laser Cap

1. FDA has cleared it, not approved.

2. It can’t fight severe hair thinning. Also, it is not for all types of hair loss. 

3. Costly compared to some treatments. (However, I guess it is worthy of the price you pay.)

4. The battery seems to be a bit weak to me.

Pick It or Not?

I don’t know the reason that is making your hair thinner. Also, I have no idea at which stage you are. But if you’re suffering from hair thinning issues like androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness) and you’re in a primary or middle stage, I think it can help you. 

In my case, it was extremely effective. So, if you’re spending a lot to get rid of hair thinning, give it a try. Though it doesn’t have any proven side effects, do it at your own risk.