What is a Collagen Facial

What is a Collagen Facial – Benefits & Process [Explained]

Your skin needs some special ingredients in some special cases. Similarly, when it looks dull or you look older than your age, your skin is in need of collagen. In such a case, a collagen facial can help your facial skin to get the young glow and freshness back. 

Seeing the name, I guess you’ve already understood that it is a facial process that focuses on providing collagen to your skin. You’re right. 

Here in this article, I’m going to talk about collagen facial in detail. I guess this will help you to get rid of a lot of questions. So, leaving further ado, let’s jump to the discussion.

What is Collagen?

Before taking you through the collagen facial process, let me talk a bit about collagen.

Collagen is an important protein in our body. It is the most common part of connective tissues. It works as the glue of your skin, bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. 

There are several types of collagen in our bodies. The common purpose of collagen is to maintain structure and elasticity.

The natural process of your skin produces collagen that maintains the elasticity of your skin and ensures glow and tight skin. When your skin starts to age, it means it can’t produce ample collagen. In this case, a collagen facial can help your skin by delivering the extra collagen. 

What is Collagen Facial?

Collagen facial is a step-by-step facial treatment that focuses on delivering the right amount of collagen that your skin needs. Besides, this skincare process focuses on stimulating the production of collagen so that your skin gets enough. 

Thus, a collagen facial makes your skin young by boosting elasticity. 

A collagen facial includes some similar steps as other facials. For example, it includes cleansing, exfoliation, unclogging pores, extraction, etc. Let’s know about the process in detail.

The Process of Collagen Facial

The Process of Collagen Facial

Step 1- Skin Analysis

The first step is analyzing the skin. Here, an expert checks the skin type and current condition of the skin. Depending on the result, he/she designs the process with a suggestion of the right products. 

Step 2- Steam

Steam relaxes your facial skin and allows it to be softened. The main purpose of steaming is to make things easier and better performing in the next steps. In the case of sensitive skins, this step is normally avoided. If your skin is very sensitive, the expert doesn’t suggest steaming. 

Step 3- Exfoliation

The exfoliation process focuses on increasing the rate of collagen production. But for that, the exfoliation process should be an appropriate one. Using the right product in exfoliation also helps your skin to absorb the next products that are going to be used. 

Step 4- Extraction

The next step is extraction. Here the blackhead and whiteheads are removed from your face. In some cases, this step is ignored. For example- if there is no blackhead or whitehead on your face, there is no need for this process. 

Step 5- Facial Massage

The next step is facial massage. In this step, a massage cream based on collagen is used. Both the cream and massage techniques are important here. 

The collagen-based cream provides collagen to your skin and helps to restore and restock the collagen needed. Besides, the massage techniques deliver the collagen as deep as possible so that your skin becomes younger from the inside.

Step 6- Face Mask

After a facial massage, your face is covered with a mask. The mask is picked depending on the skin type and condition. The typical duration of this step is around 15 minutes.

Step 7- The Final Pampering

This is the final step where cream and sunscreen are applied to your skin. Both of these are rich in collagen. The final touch comes with a sunscreen to protect the effect of the facial from sun and pollution. 

Benefits of Collagen Facial

Benefits of Collagen Facial

Collagen facial comes with some great benefits for your face. Those are given below-

1. Collagen facial increases the amount of collagen on your face. As a result, your skin gets more elastic. This makes unwanted wrinkles disappear.

2. In a similar way, collagen facial helps your skin to get rid of fine lines.

3. By providing the amount of collagen needed and boosting the collagen-making process, it makes your skin rejuvenated. 

4. Collagen wipes away the fine lines and wrinkles from your skin. Thus it removes the signs of aging and helps you to maintain the young look.

5. As a result of collagen facial, your skin keeps glowing. 

6. The collagen supplied to your skin removes the stretch marks from your skin and ensures a smooth skin tone. 

7. It removes minor acne and blemishes from the skin and makes your skin flawless.

8. As it contains a massage, it relaxes your nerves and muscles. 

Collagen Facial vs Collagen Cream

Collagen Facial vs Collagen Cream

Choosing one of these two is a hard decision to make. Let me tell you the reason. 

Collagen facial obviously focuses on caring and pampering your skin with collagen. It helps the collagen to enter deeper and rejuvenate your skin from the deep. Thus it provides many benefits to your skin, including boosting collagen production. 

But this is a time-consuming treatment. Also, a collagen facial is costly. 

On the other hand, applying collagen cream is quick and effective. It provides collagen to your skin and helps it to stay young. It is also cheaper than a collagen facial. 

But a collagen cream can’t reach as deep as the facial can go. 

So, you can see that both of these have pros and cons. When you have enough time and money to pamper your skin, collagen facial is your way. But for everyday use, you should go for a collagen cream.

My suggestion is to keep both in your skincare routine. Go for a collagen facial once a month and use the cream every day. 

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Final Verdict

Collagen is an important protein in our body. So, when you can see the deficiency of collagen on your skin, you should go for a collagen facial regularly. By ensuring a proper supply of collagen and an improved boost in the collagen production process of your skin, it helps you to stay and look young. 

To get the benefits, you should receive collagen facial regularly. I suggest receiving a collagen facial once every three weeks or a month. 

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