What is Aqua Peel Facial

What is Aqua Peel Facial | Benefits of Aqua Peel Facial

Facial is mainly done to clean your facial skin and moisturize it. Besides these two common reasons, facials can be done for many other added reasons. 

Depending on the ingredients used and the aim to achieve, facials can be of different types. Among those, the aqua peel is one. 

I guess you’re here to learn about aqua peel facials. So, here in this article, I’m trying to talk about the basics of it. I hope this article will be enough for you to know the things you want to know about aqua peel facials.  

So, let’s start.

What is Aqua Peel Facial?

Aqua peel facial is a type of facial that is used to suck out all the impurities from your facial skin to keep it clean and fill it with enough moisture. As per the name, mainly water-based products are used in this process. Thus, your skin remains safer compared to most other facial processes. 

As it brings out maximum impurities from your skin, your skin looks cleaner and fresher. Besides, it ensures proper miniaturization. So, your skin becomes plumper and firmer. 

So, at the end of an aqua peel facial, you get young and rejuvenated skin. This is a shirt facial process. The best thing about it is it doesn’t make your skin delicate.  

Process of Aqua Peel Facial

The Process of Aqua Peel Facial

Aqua peel facial is a three-step process that takes not more than 15-20 minutes from your routine. So this is a very convenient option for you on a busy day. However, depending on where you’re getting it done, the number of steps may vary. Some places add one or two more steps to make it more lasting and effective. 

Below, I’m going to talk about the three main steps of aqua peel facial. Let’s get started. 

Step 1- Exfoliation

The very first step of this process is exfoliation where the blackheads, dead skin cells, and sebum build-ups are softened. 

For this step, typically a toner is used on your skin. Some gauze strips are soaked in the water and placed on your skin for a few minutes so that it enters your skin. When it enters, it softens the accumulated dirt, dead cells, sebum, blackheads, and whiteheads. 

This step is done to make the next one easier. 

Step 2- Extraction

Now it is time to bring the soft dirt out. 

For this, in most cases, Alpha-Hydroxy Acid is used. It is water-soluble. So, it goes in your skin pores with water and mixes with the impurities. 

If your skin is oily or full of acne, Beta-Hydroxy Acid is used. This is used because it mixes with sebum and oily dirt very well. 

After that, a suction machine is used to bring the impurities out from your pores. Thus it removes all the impurities from your skin.

Step 3- Enhance

After bringing out all the impurities from your skin, it is time to hydrate the skin. An anti-aging, skin-calming, or another product is used to hydrate and moisturize your skin. The product is chosen depending on the skin type.

This step enhances the glow and toughness of your skin. Also, if there is any aging sign on your skin, this step removes those too. 

This is the basic structure of aqua peel facial. 

Benefits of Aqua Peel Facial 

Compared to some other facials, aqua peel facials come with some awesome benefits. Let’s talk about some advantages of it. 

It has the least possibility of harm 

Aqua peel facial is done with water-based products. Besides, the tools and other ingredients used in this process are also gentle on your skin, no matter what type of skin you have. It uses a clever way to bring out the dirt- softening those before extraction. Thus this process is not harmful to your skin at all. 

It has zero downtime 

After some facial or impurity removal processes, you can’t immediately return to your regular routine because your skin requires some time to get back to the normal situation. 

Aqua peel facial doesn’t have such a problem. You can start your regular life just after getting it done. That’s why you can go for an aqua peel facial treatment during your lunch break of a busy day. 

It ensures noticeable improvement 

Aqua peel peels off any type of dirt from your skin, including sebum, dead skin cells, whiteheads, blackheads, etc. Thus it leaves your skin visibly clean and improved right after the first session. 

After a few sessions, you’ll see that your wrinkles and fine lines are also gone. No short-time facials can show such effectiveness as an aqua peel. 

These are some benefits of having an aqua peel facial. I’ve already talked about other benefits like removing impurities, making your skin plump, etc. So, I’m not going to broadly discuss those.

Cautions for aqua peel facial 

Though aqua peel facial doesn’t do any harm to your skin, you still need to be careful about some facts to avoid even the minimum impacts. 

The first thing about it is- aqua peel uses AHA and BHA for softening and extracting the impurities. One thing about these ingredients is- they make your skin a bit sensitive to sunlight. So, after getting it done, you should be a bit careful about sun exposure and properly use sunscreens. 

Also, just like other facials, an aqua peel can give you uncomfortable itchiness sometimes. But the rate of irritation is very low in this process. 

Final Verdict 

If you consider the benefits and the risks, aqua peel facial is the best treatment you can get for your skin. Also, it doesn’t need a lot of your time. So, you can consider having this facial. Its impact stays for 3-4 weeks at least. So, an aqua peel session every 3-4 weeks is enough to ensure you glowing and fresh skin.

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