American Crew Beard Serum Review

American Crew Beard Serum Review – Ultimate Guide of 2022

Beard is a part of your appearance. It gives you a manly and excellent look. But you need to make sure that your beard is healthy if you want to get the benefits. Also, taking care of your beard keeps you safe from several skin and health issues. 

Beard is naturally thicker and rougher than scalp hair. So, you should look for some ways to keep it soft if you’re not someone who loves to have a rough beard. In this case, you can use American Crew beard serum

I know you’ve come here because you’re interested to know some experiences from people who have used it. I’m here to share my experience of using it. I used this bead serum when I used to have a long beard. 

I’m going to talk about everything I think about it. I think my experience will help you to know more about it. So, without bragging anymore, let’s talk about my experience. 

But we can talk a bit about American Crew, right?

About American Crew

American Crew started its journey in 1994 as a styling and grooming brand for men. A stylist called David Raccuglia started this brand with a view to help men in styling and personal caring without losing their muscularity. 

Within this journey of around 26 years, American Crew has added and cut a lot of products from its product line. Right now, it is one of the most known brands for Man’s fashion and styling products. For styling and necessary products for hair, body, and shaving, a lot of men depend on this brand without any hesitation.

The beard serum from them is another great creation from them offered in the market. Let me tell you how.

American Crew Beard Serum Review

American Crew Beard Serum Review


It comes with nourishing and hydrating ingredients that can reduce the roughness of your beard. Argan oil does it pretty well by nourishing your beard strands. Besides, it gives your beard the ability to protect itself from outside damages. 

It contains Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethiconol that smoothen your beard strands for a silky feel. Also, you can’t ignore the benefit of Cyperus Esculentus root oil. It gives your beard a shiny and attractive look. 


It comes in a small bottle with no specific attractive appearance. It is just a small brown bottle with a silver-colored label on it. The minimalist appearance of the bottle attracts me though.

The serum itself comes with an almost clear-looking appearance. The thickness is moderate and the texture is smooth. Overall, it comes with a good hand-feel.


Take a small amount on your fingers, rub the finger to distribute in both hands, and then apply it on your beard- applying it is this simple. 

The exact amount needed varies depending on the length and thickness of your beard. So, I can’t tell exactly how much of it you need. Apply a few times and you’ll know how much you should apply. A small amount of it works great. So, start from only 2-3 drops. 

American Crew Beard Serum Result

The Result

I used to have very rough beards as I wasn’t using any beard product on my beard. So, I was facing some problems like itchiness. Besides, my beard was not attractive at all.  One of my friends has suggested this serum

So, I started applying for it. 

It was getting absorbed easily in my beard. I thought it would leave a sticky feeling just like oil, but it didn’t. Instead, it disappeared quickly and left a nice smell.

From the first application, my beard started shining. I didn’t expect such a fast result. However, it couldn’t reduce the roughness of my beard. I kept using it every day after a shower. 

Within a week, it made my hair softer and shiny. I was seeing that my beards are not rough anymore. I used to apply my hair oil on my beard, but couldn’t see such a result. I was very excited to see the change. 

After a month, I stopped using it on alternate days just to see the impact. It improved my beard so much that it was smooth and moisturized even when I don’t use them. 

I was totally satisfied with it. Overall this is a good beard serum that ensures a shiny, silky, soft, and smooth beard within a very short time. As using a very small amount is enough, the amount you spend on a bottle seems reasonable to me.

Pick it or not?

This is exactly what I’ve experienced. Now, the decision is yours.   

If you have a rough beard and you want to improve the condition, you should go for it. It lasts for a long time. So, spending around twenty bucks for it is worth it. It gets absorbed quickly in your beard and leaves it hydrated, soft, and shiny. 

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