Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Yuzu Review

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Yuzu Review – The Ultimate Guide

Perfumes are love. Even I love the worst perfume I’ve gone through. Maybe I wouldn’t spray that around me again, but I love that. Perfume is something that can give you so many different feelings at the same time. Also, to refresh your mind, perfumes don’t have many alternatives. 

From Elizabeth Arden, I tried Red Door Aura at first. It was good and met my expectations very nicely. So, I was eager to check other fragrances from this brand too. I wasn’t confident about which one I should try, but then I picked Green Tea Yuzu.

I’ve applied it and went out with it a few times. The experience was pleasing. I’m going to share more about it after talking a bit about Elizabeth Arden. 

About Elizabeth Arden

Florence Nightingale Graham started the brand Elizabeth Arden. Her journey in this segment started in 1910 when she started Red Door Salon in New York City after migrating from Canada. She was looking to make makeup and skincare products more effective instead of just covering the skin from outside. 

Probably fragrance was not a part of the journey from the very first. However, in 1915, she started expanding her business. 

With her creative mind and outstanding ideas, Elizabeth Arden has brought several innovations in the makeup and beauty industry. She is one of the innovators in the American beauty industry. 

Right now, her brand Elizabeth Arden is one of the best names in the industry that provides luxury makeup, skincare, perfume, and gift items. 

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Yuzu Review

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Yuzu Review

As checking reviews is my habit, I checked the reviews about Green Tea Yuzu before buying. I saw a lot of people who liked it. There were valid reasons too in their reviews. Also, I like the citrusy scent. So, I was very excited about it and had a lot of expectations in my mind. 

Though I was buying for testing purposes, I was a bit tense too. Spending this much amount just for testing a perfume is not a wise decision. So, I was literally praying so that it could meet my expectations. 

About Green Tea Yuzu

Green Tea Yuzu was developed by Rodrigo Flores-Roux. He invented this attractive and refreshing citrusy fragrance for women in 2014. I think this is a perfect one for women who love their work and have to run frequently. 

According to the perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux, this awesome fragrance is perfect for reflecting the personality of lighthearted and lively women. It spreads the uplifting and refreshing smell that keeps you awake and active. 


Green Tea Yuzu is a blend of multiple citrusy fragrances. Besides, it comes with a touch of mint. But the base note is more of a musky flavor. 

Top note- Here the top note is full of citric freshness. Yuzu Zest, Sheer Bergamot, Green Tea Vapors, Sparkling Lemon, Lemon Tree Petitgrain, etc. are the main parts of the top note. 

Middle Note- Top note here is very significant but fades away comparatively faster. So, when the second note is revealed, the smell of green tea leaves expresses its presence. With this, Spearmint gives extra freshness. Other fragrances in this note are Yuzu Pulp Accord, Black Currant Buds, Wild Thyme, and Tunisian Neroli. 

Base Note- The base note in this perfume comes with a musky vibe. With it, White Birch adds a bit of earthy touch. Also, you can’t ignore how Ambrette Seed announces its presence through a subtle appearance. 

Overall, all the notes in this perfume are for an uplifting and refreshing vibe.

My Experience with Green Tea Yuzu

My Experience with Green Tea Yuzu

My very first sniff from this perfume made me amazed. It was so refreshing. 

It was summer, the perfect time to wear a refreshing scent. So, I started wearing it while going to work. 

It was awesome. The smell was not so strong that it irritates people. So, it was a perfect perfume for using in the office. 

The subtle but refreshing scent kept me alive and refreshed at work. I applied a bit of it after lunch too to lift my dull mood. I won’t say that it was able to instantly change my mood, but I was feeling better at work after getting this fragrance. It was really a good pick for me.

As per my expectation, it has almost passed. It made me smell good, kept me awake, uplifted my mood, and refreshed my mind. There was nothing more to expect from it. 

But I was not satisfied with the duration it stayed. It fades away quickly compared to many other fragrances. I wasn’t expecting it to last 10-12 hours on me. My expectation was only 6-7 hours but it used to last around 3-4 hours.

It is a subtle scent and maybe that’s why it fades away quickly. Except for this, I had no other issues with this fragrance. 

It is a perfect fragrance for your office or workplace, hanging out, maybe a casual date, or casual gatherings. 

Pick it or not?

If you’re looking for a refreshing summer scent, Elizabeth Arden has made it for you. Except for the issue of its durability, there is nothing much to criticize about it. So, you can go for it. 

Having it in your closet will help you get a solution for several occasions. For the price tag it comes with, it gives you a good value that you shouldn’t ignore. 

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