Can I Use Day Cream with SPF at Night

Can I Use Day Cream with SPF at Night – Step by Step Guide

You must have a day cream for use during the daytime and night cream that you use before going to bed. This is the best practice for sure because these two come with different purposes, textures, and formulations. 

I have both and I’m very careful about using those in time. But one day, a problem happened. 

My night cream was ended and I forgot to get myself a new one. So, the only option I had was the day cream. I thought of applying the day cream at first. Then I thought of doing some research before doing it. 

Here in this article, I’m going to share the result of my research. I guess you have a similar question in mind. This article will help you to find the answer. So, stay tuned. 

Difference Between Day and Night Cream

Difference Between Day and Night Cream

Before entering the main topic, let’s talk a bit about day cream and night cream. 

The main purpose of a day cream is to protect the skin. 

During the daytime, we go out. The rays of the sun hit our skin directly and cause damage. The day cream comes with SPF to save your skin from the sun’s rays. Besides, it is also made to protect the skin from different types of pollution that we face the whole day.  

On the other hand, night cream comes with the goal of restoring and repairing. 

During the night, the natural process of your body focuses on restoring and repairing the skin from damage after the fight with the sun and pollution. Night cream comes with ingredients that help the natural process of healing, restoring, and repairing. Thus it boosts up the process. 

So, you can see that during the night you don’t need any protection from the sun’s rays. Instead of it, your face needs aid in the restoring and repairing process. A day cream doesn’t come with ingredients to boost up the process. So, using a day cream with SPF at night is not fruitful. SPF is not needed at night. 

But day creams also come with moisture. If you apply the day cream on your face at night, it can help you with some moisture that your face needs. 

Also, some beauty experts say that using a day cream with SPF at night prepares your facial skin for the fight the next day. When you apply a cream with SPF at night, your skin absorbs the power of fighting sun and pollution which helps it the next day. 

But this statement is not supported by many beauty enthusiasts. 

From the discussion, it is clear that using a day cream with SPF doesn’t harm your skin. So, you can do it. But certainly, this is not the best way of helping your skin. 

So, I came to the conclusion that you can use your day cream at night but that neither helps nor harms your skin. Thus applying or not applying is almost similar. 

But if using cream is your habit and your face is familiar with cream, you can apply your day cream at night if your night cream is finished. Also, don’t forget to get yourself a night cream the next day. Applying day cream on your face everyday night won’t harm you. But this won’t help you either. You’ll end up wasting cream.

I guess you’ve got the answer.

Myths about Day Cream and Night Cream

Myths about Day Cream and Night Cream

As you’re in confusion between day cream and night cream, I guess sometimes you get stuck while making a decision. Here I’m going to share some myths and facts about these two that you may or may not know. 

Knowing this might help you later. Let’s start. 

Myth 1- Day Cream and Night Cream are Similar

I guess you’ve already got the fact about this myth. Some think that these two are similar and night cream is just a marketing strategy to boost profit.

But the actual thing is different you can see. Each of these has a separate purpose, ingredient list, formulation, texture, and use. Thus, these two can’t be similar in any way. So, if you’re still not thinking about using a night cream daily, you should give it a thought. 

Myth 2- Only Middle-aged or Older People should Use Night Cream

The skin restoration process happens at all ages. Also, the issue with the production of collagen starts in the middle of the twenties. Collagen is necessary because it keeps the skin younger. As from the mid-twenties, the problem with collagen production starts, and your skin requires help. 

So, you shouldn’t wait for middle age to start using night cream. If you’re 22 or more, you should start using it. 

Myth 3- Only Expensive Night Cream Works

In the beauty industry, there is a misconception that only expensive things work well. This is somewhat true because using proper ingredients cost a bit. But expensive products are also expensive because of the cost of marketing, high-end packaging, brand name, etc. 

So, instead of deciding depending on the price, you should focus on the ingredients. An inexpensive night cream with good appropriate ingredients will do the job perfectly for you. 

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Final Verdict

I didn’t apply my day cream on my face that night. Instead of that, I put a reminder on my phone and bought myself another night cream. 

Actually, everything that you see in the market has its own purpose. Some of those may look similar, but they are not similar if you consider many other things, including purpose. So, you should use something for serving the purpose it comes with.  

A day cream is for protecting you during the daytime. It doesn’t have anything to do with your need at night time. So, I suggest not using it at night. Doing this won’t matter a lot. Your skin will remain the same. But you can still give it a try maybe. 

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