Erno Laszlo Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 Review

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 Review – Guides

Nowadays, our skin is facing more and more stressful issues. Thus, we have to take more care of our skin. The problem happens when we have to focus on multiple issues with our skin. 

However, to help us to get rid of this problem, beauty and skin care product manufacturers are introducing products that focus on multiple issues at a time. Erno Laszlo Firmarine Moisturizer is something like that.

It comes with the ability to firm your aged skin. Besides, it keeps your skin safe from the damaging rays of the sun. 

Here in this Erno Laszlo Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 review, I’m going to talk about this moisturizer and its performance. I’ve used it on my skin for testing purposes and I know whether it can help you or not. So, if you need a user review on it, stay with me. 

I’ll be talking about it shortly after discussing a bit about Erno Laszlo.

About Erno Laszlo

As a beauty and skincare brand, Erno Laszlo is a well-known name in the industry. The journey of this brand was started by Dr. Laszlo, a renowned skincare specialist of his time. In 1927, he started his first institute in Budapest. 

He then moved to New York in 1939 and started his second institute there. His primary focus was to develop confidence in women by meeting their beauty expectations. With the help of his innovative mind, he introduced some revolutionary formulas and products in this industry.

The brand Erno Laszlo has continued the legacy of Dr. Laszlo through its products and goals. That’s why we’re getting some awesome skincare products that help us to get rid of issues regarding our skin. 

Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 Review

Erno Laszlo Firmarine Moisturizer SPF 30 Review


It comes with marine actives and Sea Water rich in minerals. These ingredients ensure instant firming. Besides, these work for long-term effectiveness too. Sea Water also draws out toxins from your skin to make it healthier. 

Also, it contains blue-green algae called Spirulina Maxima. It is full of amino acids, iron, and other essential minerals. These work on your skin to rejuvenate it by reducing the aging signs. 


The Firmarine Moisturizer from Erno Laszlo comes in a premium-looking clean casket with a silver-colored lid. 

Inside the casket, the moisturizer itself is a bluish product with a creamy texture. It is a bit thick and heavy. It feels very soft and smooth to touch. 


As it is a moisturizer, you should use it after the serum. If you don’t have any serum in your skincare routine, use it after toner. If you don’t use toner too, apply it after cleanser. 

Applying it is very easy. Take some on your fingertips, put a few dots here and there on your face, and smooth it calmly on the skin. Avoid the eye areas. 

The Result

Applying it is a pleasant feeling. It is very smooth and gets properly blended on the skin. 

Just after the application, it made my skin look firmer. I knew it was just an illusion, but I was happy. Besides, my skin was plumper too. 

As it comes with an SPF rating of 30, I depended on it for protection from the sun. So, I didn’t apply my regular sunscreen. 

Throughout the day, I was very good at this task too. In the evening, the signs of sun damage were not there on my skin. So, I was very pleased with this moisturizer after the first application. 

But still, I had to wait for another thing- its effectiveness in firming the skin. As it is supposed to take some time, I continued using it with patience. 

I started seeing the result within ten days. I was feeling that my skin was lifted a bit. The change was not that visible. But I got the confidence that it can do something effective that can prove it worthy. 

After a month, the change was visible. I got firmer skin with less presence of damage. The skin was tighter, plumper, and softer than before. Also, there were fewer fine lines and wrinkles. Within the next fifteen days, people started seeing the change in the appearance of my skin. I loved how they were reacting to the change I got. 

I have a small objection about the price of the moisturizer. I mean I know that the marine ingredients are expensive and tougher to collect, but the price could be a bit lower. Spending a hundred bucks for a daily moisturizer can be okay. But going more than that is a bit tough. 

However, as it is a moisturizer and sunscreen at the same time, I was able to manage myself somehow to continue using it.

Pick it or not?

My review says that I’ve got a great result from this moisturizer. So, you already know that I’m going to recommend it to you too. Yes, you’re right.

If the price of it seems okay, you should go for it. Using it helps you to get rid of the hassle of carrying extra sunscreen. Also, it does its primary duty, lifting the skin, very well. 

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