Can I Use Face Wash as Shampoo

Can I Use Face Wash as Shampoo – The Ultimate Guide

Suppose you are in the bathroom taking shower and suddenly realize that the bottle of shampoo is empty. But it was a hectic day and you need to wash your hair. What would you do? 

If I were in that situation, I would do anything but wash my hair with my face wash. 

Face wash and shampoo may seem similar in appearance, but these two have huge differences. The face wash is for washing and nourishing your skin where shampoo is for washing and nourishing your hair and scalp. 

This reason is enough for not using a face wash to wash your hair. But if you want to know more, let’s know exactly why you shouldn’t wash your hair with face wash.

The Reasons Why You can’t Use Face Wash as a Shampoo

The Reasons Why You can’t Use Face Wash as a Shampoo

Face wash is formulated for being used on bare facial skin. The facial skin is thin and very sensitive. That’s why face wash is made to be gentle. But the dirt, grease, and other components that make the hair dirty can’t be cleaned with gentle substance. 

That’s why face wash can’t do the work that shampoo does. If you use face wash on your hair, you won’t get the clean hair and scalp that you expect. 

Now let’s see if face wash is suitable for hair or not. 

Shampoo has a pH of 4 to 6. In most cases, this is less than 5.5. As a result, the pH difference between hair and shampoo is not huge. So, shampoo doesn’t absorb natural oil from your hair. 

But the pH of face wash is more than 5.5 which is suitable for your skin. But for hair, this is harsh. Because of the huge pH gap, face wash absorbs natural oil from your hair. So, it leaves your hair dry and frizzy. 

Also, multiple components of face wash are not suitable for your hair. Those directly or indirectly damage your hair in the long term. 

If you use face wash regularly to wash your hair, this happens. Your hair and scalp become dry and your hair losses its life and color. 

So, in case of a situation where your shampoo bottle is empty, you should wash your hair with water and get yourself a shampoo after the next shower. Face wash can’t bring you the expected result. In some cases, if you use face wash, the hair tangle will be increased. I know that you won’t love this reverse output.

Final Verdict

Shampoo is shampoo and face wash is face wash for a reason. The tasks of these two can’t be altered. So, if you’re still thinking of using face wash as a shampoo, you should leave the idea. 

This idea won’t work at all. And if you continue it for a long time, your hair quality will be decreased and there is a huge chance that you’ll start losing your hair. 

Now the choice is yours. I know you’ll make the right decision.

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