Can I Wear Lipstick after Lip Fillers

Can I Wear Lipstick after Lip Fillers – Step by Step Guide

If you want your lips to look better and significant, lip fillers can help you with it. This surgery is for quick fixing issues or making lips more prominent. You can bring a huge change to your look just by lip filler surgery. 

However, there is a belief that after lip filler surgery you can’t wear lipsticks for a few days. Let’s check if it is just a rumor or not.

Can You Wear Lipstick after Lip Fillers?

After going through a lip filler surgery, you may want to experiment with some looks to see the result of the surgery. But some suggest not using lipstick for a few days after getting your lips fixed or filled. At this point, if you’re confused, you shouldn’t be.

You can put lipstick on your lips right after lip filler surgery. There are no medical issues if you do this. Neither any chemical reaction will take place nor will your lips go back to the previous condition. So, you can put on your lipstick just after you go through lip filler. 

However, I always ask to stay in a safe position. From that point of view, if I were you, I would stay away from lipstick for a day. 

The reason is simple. The pressure you put on your lips to wear lipstick might not be tolerable for the pair of lips that have just gone through surgery. So, allocating some time for your lips to heal is always a good idea. 

But if wearing lipstick is a must for you, you can put on a mild lipstick. And while putting on the lipstick, make sure that you aren’t putting much pressure.

Though lipstick doesn’t cause any harm to your lips after lip fillers, you should give some time to the filler to let it settle and your lips come back in normal condition.

Other Tips to Follow after Lip Fillers

Other Tips to Follow after Lip Fillers

Allow Some Time to Settle

After lip filler, your lips seem to be puffy. The reason is the fillers are not settled yet. You need to allow your lips some time to come back to normal condition. Depending on the recovery speed, it may take a few days. Don’t rub or put pressure on your lips at this time.

Eat Proper Foods

After a lip filler surgery, all types of foods are not perfect for you. Take foods that require you to chew less. These foods won’t put pressure on your lips. Avoid foods that contain salt. Salt can dehydrate your body. Focus on easy foods.

Check Your Drinks too

Drink water and fruit juice to keep your body hydrated. Don’t use straws because they can put pressure on your lips. Don’t consume any drink that contains alcohol. Stay away from alcohol for at least 24 hours.

Avoid High Temperature and Direct Sun

Don’t be exposed to direct sun for at least a week. Also, avoid places with high temperatures. High heat and direct sun can cause inflammation and irritation.

Don’t Go Through Any Facial Massage

Facial massage includes pressure on your facial skin which affects your lips too. So, don’t go through any facial massage for at least two weeks after you go through lip filler surgery. The fillers take some time to get them settled on your skin. You shouldn’t irritate those within that time.

Don’t Touch Lips

When the fillers are settling them in your skin, you shouldn’t tough those much. If you can, avoid touching your lips. If you can’t stop, make sure that you aren’t touching your lips much. Avoid any interaction with your lips if you can.

Don’t Go to the Gym

After a lip filler surgery, you should provide ample rest to your body too. So, within 24 hours of the surgery, avoid going to the gym. After 24 hours have passed, you can go to the gym, but avoid too much exercise for at least 1-2 weeks. 

Final Verdict

If you use lipstick just after lip filler, there will be no reaction. But you shouldn’t do it because the fillers should get those settled and it takes some time. I suggest waiting for 24 hours at least. After that, you can put on lipstick, but you should be careful so that you don’t put much pressure. 

Lip filler surgery may not be a huge thing, but still, you should be careful. You need to take care of your lips after the surgery. For that, you can avoid lipstick for at least 24 hours. 

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