Can We Use Oil after Hair Smoothening

Can We Use Oil after Hair Smoothening | Step by Step Guide

Hair smoothening can be the perfect treatment for you if you want to get rid of frizzy and dry hair. It gives you the straight and soft hair that you want. But, the process of smoothening and after-care includes a lot of caution. 

So, there are many questions about the process. The most common question among those is- can I use oil after hair smoothening? 

Oil makes your hair stronger and healthy. So, asking the question is legit. 

Here in this article, I’m going to discuss the answer and a lot of other related issues. So, keep reading to find the answer.

What is Hair Smoothening? What Happens in this Process?

To get the answer, you should know the basics of hair smoothening. 

This is a chemical process where a formaldehyde solution is applied to your hair, wait till it dries out, and then a flat iron is used to keep the formaldehyde locked in. 

As this is a chemical process, there are some cautions included. Besides, formaldehyde is a toxic chemical. So, the process should be done under expert supervision. An expert can bring down the risk to a minimum. 

As a result of the treatment, you get non-frizzy, smooth, and straight hair.

What is Hair Smoothening

What Happens if You Use Oil after Hair Smoothening

As hair smoothening is a chemical process, applying anything on your hair after the process may cause damage. 

After your hair goes through a smoothening process, you can’t apply oil to it. 

If you apply oil on a hair that has gone under smoothening process just a few days ago, oil doesn’t let the formaldehyde work properly. It works adversely and makes your hair frizzy. It starts damaging your hair right on. Your hair loses the shine and the smooth texture. 

Thus, the texture and shine your hair got after the treatment will vanish within a few days. 

So, you should not use oil after hair smoothening.

How Long Should I Stay Away from Oil after Smoothening?

Your hair takes a long time to adapt to the smoothening treatment. In most cases, the time duration is 2-3 weeks. 

So, within these 2-3 weeks, you shouldn’t apply oil to your hair. In fact, within this period, most of the hair care products should be closed inside your closet. 

Experts suggest using oil after 15 days of smoothening. 

But you know I like to stay on the safe side. So, I suggest waiting for at least 3 weeks before applying hair oil. Within this period, you can’t use any oil-based product too. 

In fact, experts suggest keeping oil-based hair products away for at least a month. 

So, in short, you should wait for 21 days to apply oil on your hair after smoothening. For using oil-based products, you should wait for 7 more days.

How Long Should I Stay Away from Oil after Smoothening

What should I Use Instead?

You need to be very careful about using anything on your hair after smoothening. Below I’m going to talk about the things you can use on your hair after hair smoothening.

First 48 Hours

Within the first 48 hours, you can’t use anything on your hair. In this period, your hair remains in extremely sensitive condition. In fact, you can’t use water on your hair too at this time. Your hair requires time to get used to the straight and smooth condition. Water or any other product may ruin it.

Third day to Fiftieth Day

Within this period, you still should be very careful. You can’ use anything on your hair instead of mild shampoo and conditioner. 

Apply mild shampoo calmly on your hair and rinse it out after some time. Put a conditioner, allow it to sit, and then rinse it too. Use warm water to rinse the shampoo and conditioner. It will rinse the extra moisture too. 

You can apply any mild leave-in cream to lock the moisture. 

Instead of using a hairbrush, go for a wide teeth comb. Combing your hair with wide teeth combs ensure minimum hair fall and breakage.

You can use a light hair pack, but don’t use it much.

After 15 Days

Now your hair is a bit settled and your scalp has adopted the change. But you shouldn’t leave caring about your hair. 

In fact, you should care more. Eat a lot of healthy foods that are good for your scalp and hair. Take care of your hair just like you used to do. 

You may start using oil, but be careful about it. Take expert opinion before starting using oil. Also, take suggestions about which hair care product to use. 

You should avoid any type of heating product. You can’t use a dryer, straightener, curler, or anything. Also, avoid any type of highlighting or coloring process for at least 6 months.

Final Verdict

Using oil after hair smoothening will put an adverse effect on your hair. It may result in more damage. So, you should be careful about it. 

As smoothening is a chemical process, you should be careful with your hair. Take suggestions and follow those properly to get the best output of hair smoothening.

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