Can You Mix Pomade and Wax

Can You Mix Pomade and Wax | What is Hair Pomade & Wax

Pomade and wax are two products for your hair used for different reasons. So, typically when you use pomade, you avoid wax and vice versa. But you could ask yourself a question- can I use pomade and wax both at the same time? 

Well. I guess you’ve asked finally and that’s why you’re here. I’m going to talk about this. 

Honestly speaking, I haven’t got any strong support for using pomade and wax together. But every time I’ve tested a mixture of pomade and wax on my hair, the result was amazing. 

Before talking about why and how I’ve mixed pomade and wax together, let’s talk about these products a bit.

What is Hair Pomade?

Hair pomade is a gel-like hair product that allows you to get shine in your hair. Besides, it provides some hold too. It doesn’t hold your hair too strongly. As a result, it allows you to do the hairstyles that are done using a comb. 

Typically there are two types of pomades- water-based and oil-based. Both ensure almost similar shine and hold. But water-based pomades are easier to wash out. So, you can pick different hairstyles easily in a single day.

What is Hair Pomade

What is Hair Wax?

Hair wax is a thick hair product that is used when a strong hold is needed. Compared to hair pomade, a hair wax ensures multiple times of hold. Besides, it ensures a matte finish. So, if you want a hairstyle that should last all day long, hair wax is your thing to have. 

As hair wax gives a stronghold, it is more suitable for styling with fingers. If you try to style using a comb, you might not be successful when hair wax is applied. 

You can add thickness and texture to your hair with the help of hair wax.

What is Hair Wax

Reasons Why I mixed Pomade and Wax

Pomade provides the shine and wax provides a stronger hold.

So, I thought mixing these together would give a stronger hold compared to pomade and shinier hair compared to the wax. 

Well, I was not wrong.

The Result!!!

The mixture of wax and pomade gave my hair a hold stronger than the pomade but weaker than the wax, exactly what I wanted. 

Similarly, the shine was just on point. The matte properties of the wax reduced the shine a bit. Still, there was the shine I expected. 

So, from my experience, I can say that if you want a strong hold and shine, you can mix pomade and wax and apply the mixture to your hair.

The Ratio of Mixing

I haven’t maintained any particular ratio of mixing these two products. 

However, the rule is simple. If you want more shine, the proportion of pomade should be greater. On the other hand, if the hold is your primary attention, you should take more wax than pomade. 

No matter how much pomade and wax you take, make sure that you aren’t overusing it. You know how much wax or pomade you use alone. Make sure that the total amount of mixture you’re applying is not more than the amount of wax or pomade you used to apply.


I’ve used pomade and wax together multiple times as an experiment. Every time the mixture has worked great. Still, I’m not sure if it is safe for your hair or not. 

I suggest doing this at your own risk. It worked in my case doesn’t mean that it’ll work in your case too. 

Remember another thing. Every time I did dis, I mixed both on my palm and then applied them on my hair. I haven’t made any mixture and saved that somewhere. So, I’m not sure about the expiry date if you mix these two and save somewhere. If you do it, I suggest doing your own risk.

Final Verdict

As I haven’t got any proof that supports my experiment, I suggest not doing this. 

In this article, I’ve shared my experience of mixing pomade and wax. The result was amazing- shiny hair with a strong hold, more volume, and better texture. 

Now the decision is yours. Would you try this? I guess you should do this at least once. 

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