Can You Get Your Teeth Whitened if You Have Cavities

Can You Get Your Teeth Whitened if You Have Cavities

White teeth boost confidence because you look better when you smile. Also, white teeth are the signs that you maintain personal hygiene. So, if you have white and clean teeth that are free from stains, people will be more attracted to you.

White teeth have many other benefits. 

As a result, you may want to get your teeth whitened. But if your teeth have an issue like cavities, confusion may arise about whitening the teeth. 

I guess you’re in this situation. If so, let’s discuss it. 

Here in this article, I’m going to talk about the possible issues that may happen if you use teeth whitener when you have cavities. I guess this will help you to make a decision.

What Happens When You Use Teeth Whitener on Teeth with Cavities

What Happens When You Use Teeth Whitener on Teeth with Cavities

Teeth whitening chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen Carbamide are somehow harsh on our teeth. However, still, the teeth whitening process doesn’t have any severe negative impact on our oral health. 

But in the case of cavities, the situation is a bit different. 

A cavity is a hole in a tooth caused by tooth decay. In the case of a cavity, the enamel (the outer layer of your tooth) becomes damaged. 

So, when you use harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen Carbamide, you may feel irritation, sensation, pain, or discomfort. It may result in permanent damage to the tooth if you don’t be careful. 

In case of stains caused by damage or decay, teeth whitening chemicals don’t work properly. So, you can’t get rid of those stains even if you use teeth whitening tools. The result can be more pathetic- permanent damage. 

Can’t I Get My Teeth Whitened if I Have Cavities?

Teeth whitening chemicals may cause irritation or other issues if you have cavities. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t whiten your teeth when your teeth have cavities. You can do it, but need to be careful. 

The dentist should deal with the cavity first. Then the whitening process should be done. 

Some dentists might ask you to check the impact of whitening chemicals first. If the irritation or pain is tolerable, they may ask you to continue the whitening process. But this might be a bit risky. 

Below are the options about what you can do in the case of whitening your teeth if you have cavities.

Can’t I Get My Teeth Whitened if I Have Cavities

Option 1- Whitening at First

This option suggests you getting your teeth whitened. Use the kit once and check the irritation or pain. If that doesn’t cause any huge problem, you can continue whitening. 

The problem with this option is the risk of irritation or damage. The chemicals can cause any damage at any time. So, you should be careful about it. If you feel any issue, you should consult your dentist as soon as possible. A regular checkup is a better option. 

If you feel any irritation, you should go for the second option.

Option 2- Filling and Whitening

In this option, get your teeth filled at first. After that, you can go through the whitening process. In this case, there is no chance of irritation, pain, sensation, or any other negative feeling or impact. 

But the problem with this process is the white tone might not match the white filling. So, if the cavity is on the visible parts of your teeth, your teeth will have two different colors. The result won’t make you happy. 

In that case, you can go for the third option. 

Option 3- Filling – Whitening – Filling

This option suggests you filling the cavity first with any tone of white. You can pick the tone assuming the approximate tone you may achieve after the treatment. 

After filling, you can start the whitening process. Once the process is done, compare the color or the filling and your teeth. If those match, you don’t have to do anything else. But if those don’t match each other, redo the filling. This time, pick a filling that matches the white tone of your teeth. 

The downside of this option is you need to do the filling twice. This will make you spend money twice on filling. But the good sides are more- you don’t have to tolerate the pain or irritation, you’re free from the risk of damage, and the colors match perfectly. 

If money is not a big problem, I suggest you going for this option. 

Final Verdict

The cavity is a huge issue for your oral health. If you don’t take the necessary steps, it continues to increase. Also, it hampers other oral treatments like teeth whitening. 

Whitening chemicals are harsh. So, you need to be careful. If you have cavities, you can do it but you need to remain extra careful. The safety of your teeth should be the main priority. For that, if you need to spend a bit more, do that. 

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