Does Lipstick Make Your Lips Black

Does Lipstick Make Your Lips Black – What to Do to Prevent?

One of the most common questions about lipstick on the internet is- does lipstick make lips black?

Well, asking the question is okay because many people who use lipstick regularly have found their lips turning black. But what is the answer?

The answer is also available on the internet. I went through a number of write-ups on it and got the answer. I guess you’re here to know the answer too. 

No worries! Here I’m going to share what I’ve found while searching for the answer to this question. So, let’s start talking. 

Does Lipstick Make Lips Black?

The answer to the question is- yes, it does, but not all of those. 

It happens mostly when you use cheap lipsticks. Cheap lipsticks contain some ingredients that leave residues on your lips. So, if you don’t clean your lips regularly, the residues stay on your lips and make your lips darker. 

A suggestion is, no matter which lipstick you use, clean your lips properly when you’re at home. Otherwise, problems like this may happen. 

Also, some lipsticks contain Paraben. Animal fat is also used in some lipsticks. These ingredients are harmful to our lips. These lead to discoloration and turn the lips darker with time. 

So, my suggestion is to know the ingredients of the lipstick you use or use lipsticks that are not cheaply made. 

Lipsticks that are made with proper and safe ingredients naturally come with a higher price tag. Still, don’t be convinced seeing the price tag only. Try to dig deeper before you pick lipstick for yourself. Know the ingredients and the side effects of those ingredients. Spending a while on research will help you to stay away from black lips. 

Good brands don’t darken your lips. So, you can go for those.

What to Do to Prevent Dark Lips

What to Do to Prevent Dark Lips?

If your lips are already black or if you don’t want your lips to turn black, you can do a few things. I’m going to suggest some tips or remedies here. 

Using Lip Primer

You can use a quality lip primer on your lips. Lip primer allows the lipstick to sit on your lips. Besides, it works as a protective layer between your lips and lipstick. As a result, your lips remain safe even if the lipstick comes with any blackening ingredient. 

Still, I suggest using good and branded lipsticks even if you wear a lip primer

Using Almond Oil

Apply one or two drops of almond oil on your lips and rub gently for a few minutes (maybe 1 or 2 minutes). Do this twice or thrice every week before going to bed. Leave it overnight. You may need to rinse or not the next morning.

Almond oil rejuvenates the thin skin of your lips and lightens the color. This removes the blackness of your lips caused by lipsticks. Also, the darkening caused by your lipstick can’t sit on if you do this. 

Using Lemon

Lemon can be a great way to get rid of dark lips. The process is simple.

Cut a lemon and take the juicy part. Rub it over your lips. Be gentle. Perform this before you go to the bed. The next morning, after waking up, wash your lips using cool water. 

Doing this every day will show you the result within 30 days. Your lips will be lightened and blackness caused by lipstick or other things will be removed. 

Using Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has thousands of benefits to provide for the human body. Stopping the darkening process on your lips is one of those. 

Put a tiny layer of Aloe Vera gel on your lips. Let it dry. Then, use warm water to gently rinse the layer off. Do this once every day. 

An ingredient in Aloe Vera decreases melanin production. Melanin is the reason behind dark lips. As the melanin production is reduced, your lips don’t become dark easily. 

Using Rose Water

You can apply rose water to your lips. Use a cotton ball to do this. Make sure that you’re doing it every day before sleeping. Using rose water daily saves your lips from darkening. If you want a better result with nourishment for your lips, add some honey to the rose water. 

Using DIY Scrub

There are a lot of DIY lip scrub recipes available on the internet. You can make one and apply that to your lips. Besides maintaining the color of your lips, the scrubs also provide hydration, nourishment, and care that your lips need.

Final Verdict

Using lipstick regularly doesn’t make your lips black if you use quality ones from renowned brands. Cheap lipsticks do this. So, you should be careful about the lipstick you use. 

Also, there are many other reasons behind black lips. Look for the reasons and try to avoid those if you want an attractive pair of lips. 

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