Can You Use Indoor Tanning Lotion Outside

Can You Use Indoor Tanning Lotion Outside and How

A tanning lotion makes the tanning process faster by helping the UV ray to work on the skin quickly. As a result, tanning lotion is loved by all who want to tan their skin. No matter you tan your body indoors under controlled UV therapy or outdoor under the scorching heat of the sun, a tanning lotion is a must. 

But the confusion arises when you see some tanning lotions that come with a label – Indoor use only. These are the tanning lotions that are specifically made for indoor tanning. But these are still tanning lotions. So, the question arises- can I use indoor tanning lotion outside? 

Here in this article, I’ll discuss the answer to this question.

Can You Use Indoor Tanning Lotion Outside

To know the answer to this question, we should know about indoor and outdoor tanning first. I know you know about it. Still, I’m talking about just the basic thing.

In the indoor tanning process, UV light is applied to your skin. The process takes place in an indoor setup. On the other hand, the outdoor tanning process takes place under the scorching sun. Here, you are directly exposed to the sun. 

The main difference between indoor tanning lotion and outdoor tanning lotion depends on this. 

Outdoor tanning lotions come with sunscreen so that they can protect your skin from the damaging properties of the sun. On the other hand, indoor tanning lotions don’t come with any sunscreen because there is no sun in the indoor tanning process. 

So, if you use your indoor tanning lotion outside, you can’t stay safe from the damaging properties of the sun. 

Also, as used for indoor tanning, these lotions are not made to look great on the skin. No one sees you in the indoor tanning process. So, the lotions are oily, greasy, or too shiny. If you use these and go out, you won’t look good at all and you’ll feel uneasy. 

There is another big issue. 

Most indoor tanning lotions you’ll find are not water-resistant. As a result, when you go on swimming or dipping in the water, the lotion washes away. So, if you apply your indoor tanning lotion outside, you can’t jump into the pool or ocean. Even if you sweat heavily, the lotions will be gone. 

However, if you alter the question and ask if it is possible to use outdoor tanning lotion inside or not, the answer will be different. There is no major issue in using an outdoor tanning lotion in the indoor tanning process.

How Can You Use Indoor Tanning Lotion Outside

How Can You Use Indoor Tanning Lotion Outside

Though you shouldn’t use indoor tanning lotion outside, some situations can’t be avoided. Maybe someday you find that your outdoor tanning lotion is empty. In that case, you can use your indoor one using a trick. 

As indoor tanning lotion doesn’t come with sunscreen, apply a layer of sunscreen before you apply the lotion. This will protect your skin from the scorching sun. 

If you’re going out swimming or dipping in the water, take your sunscreen and tanning lotion with you. Every time you go to the water, apply these two as soon as you come back. 

There is nothing to do with the oily or greasy look of the tanning lotion. You can just ignore your overly shiny skin and the way people look at you. Try to come back home soon and get rid of the shiny look by taking a shower. 

Some suggest mixing both and applying them to the skin. This can be a good idea. Still, you should stay away from doing this. These two types of tanning lotions work differently on your skin. So, if you mix these together, you may see different tan colors in different parts of your body because of uneven blending. 

I don’t think this is better than using indoor tanning lotion outside.

Final Verdict

There are differences between indoor and outdoor tanning lotions. It is better to have both in your skincare closet. But you can use both of these in both situations. So, if there is no other way, you can apply an indoor tanning lotion on your skin while going outside.

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