Does Gel Damage Your Hair

Does Gel Damage Your Hair – Ways Gel Damages Your Hair

Hair gel is a commonly used hair styling product for small hairs. It helps to stiffen the hair and put it in a specific style as long as you want. As it can maintain the hairstyle all day long, it has become popular from the very beginning. 

Though hair gel provides the scope of maintaining a specific hairstyle all day long, it comes with some side effects. So, when the question is- “Does gel damage hair?” the answer is- yes. 

Gel damages hair in a few different ways. The thing is serious right now, right? Let’s know how gel damages your hair.

Ways Gel Damages Your Hair

Ways Gel Damages Your Hair

Gel Reduces Hair Moisture

Alcohol and some other corrosive ingredients are used in making gel. As a result, when you use gel, these ingredients absorb moisture from your hair and leave your hair dry and frizzy. 

Besides reducing the level of moisture, these ingredients also reduce sebum production. So, your hair becomes dry and prone to breaking.

Gel Causes Hair Loss

Besides making your hair breakage-prone by absorbing the moisture, the gel also causes hair fall by dehydrating your scalp. 

Also, with the external pollutants, some ingredients in hair gel react to dead cell build-up and clog the follicles with time. Thus, this may have an impact on the excessive hair fall. The long-term impact of it is more dangerous. You may face baldness or receding hairlines.

Gel Brings Dandruff

Unnourished hair, dehydrated scalp, and clogged hair follicles, and scalp pores lead to dandruff build-up and inflammation. The natural hydration system of your scalp and hair is damaged because of gel. Lack of hydration leads to scalp dryness. It later results in the dandruff build-up.

Discoloration and Damage

If your hair is color-treated, gel fades the color and causes discoloration. If you use it for a long time, the natural color of your hair will also fade away. 

By reducing the moisture and disturbing the pH balance, gel makes your hair damaged. Besides, it makes your hair thinner and causes split ends. 

These are common ways in which gel may damage your hair if you use it regularly for a long time. It is not possible to avoid these impacts fully. But following some techniques may help you to reduce the impact.

How to Reduce the Bad Impacts of Hair Gel

How to Reduce the Bad Impacts of Hair Gel

To diminish the bad impacts of hair gel, you can follow the techniques below. 

1. Try to avoid using gel as much as possible. Don’t apply it every day. Avoid applying it whenever you can. 

2. Use good quality gel, no matter how expensive that is. Don’t go for cheap ones. 

3. Wash your hair whenever the purpose is served. If you’re applying the gel for a date, wash it as soon as the date is done. If you’re applying it for the whole day, wash it after the day is gone. Don’t leave gel in your hair for a long time.

4. Keep your hair moisturized with the help of natural moisturizing ingredients. 

5. Take care of your hair properly. If you use gel, you should spend more time to care your hair. You should ensure proper nourishment, hydration, and moisturization of your hair. 

I suggest not using gel because the long-term impact of gel is not good. But in case you can’t live without gel, you should follow these techniques. 

The main idea is simple- reduce the use of gel as much as possible and take care of your hair. Doing this can’t avoid the damages, but reduce the impacts to some extent.

Final Verdict

Gel is a great hair styling product, but it has nothing to do with hair care. Instead of caring, it damages our hair and scalp. So, it is wise to avoid using hair gel. 

But still, if you want to use gel, you should try to use it as little as you can. 

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