How Do I Use Ameizii Hair Growth Essence

How Do I Use Ameizii Hair Growth Essence | Very Easy Steps

Ameizii hair growth essence is a product that claims to fix all types of hair issues including hair fall, slow hair growth, and decreasing amount of hair. It claims to make hair growth 2-3 times faster if used properly. 

Many users have talked positively about this product, and there are many negative reviews too. Still, most of them have said that hair growth has become faster after using this. 

It comes with a mix of all-natural ingredients (as said on the label) that helps your hair to grow faster. But in the case of increasing the number of hair, it was not that effective (according to the claims of the users). 

However, to get the benefits it provides, you should use it properly. Let’s know how to use Ameizii Hair Growth Essence.

How Do I Use Ameizii Hair Growth Essence

You can use Ameizii Hair Growth Essence in two different ways- either with your shampoo or the essence alone.

Using Ameizii Hair Growth Essence with Shampoo

To use Ameizii with your shampoo, follow the process below-

Step 1- Open the cap of your shampoo bottle.

Step 2- Add Ameizii to your shampoo. For every 100 ml of shampoo, you should add 3 ml of Ameizii Hair Growth Essence. 

Step 3- Mix these well. You can mix these two by shaking the bottle. Also, you can use something to stir the shampoo inside. 

Step 4- Now use the shampoo as you used to apply it to your hair. 

Instead of adding Ameizii in the shampoo bottle, you can add this to your shampoo directly while applying. 

For this, after you take the shampoo on the palm of your hand, add 4-5 drops of Ameizii Hair Growth Essence to that. Mix well with the palms of your hand and apply it to your hair.

Using Ameizii Hair Growth Essence

Using Ameizii Hair Growth Essence Directly

You can apply it directly on your hair following the process below-

Step 1- Take a few drops of Ameizii Hair Growth Essence on your palm and massage into hair loss areas. 

Step 2- Use your fingertips to massage it on the scalp and roots of your hair. Be gentle. Don’t massage harshly. This will cause hair fall. 

Step 3- Leave it there for 30 to 60 minutes. Let it penetrate your scalp and do its duty. 

Step 4- Rinse it off after 30 to 60 minutes. Use only water to rinse it off. However, you can use a mild shampoo if you don’t like how it feels after washing your hair with just water. 

Do this every day for a good result.

Final Verdict

There are multiple opinions about the effectiveness of Ameizii Hair Growth Essence but that’s not the topic today. As it comes with natural ingredients (as per the claim of the manufacturers), at least some improvement is expected. 

If you’re interested to use it, follow the above process. Don’t forget to let us know the result. 

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