How To Apply Eyebrow Pomade

How To Apply Eyebrow Pomade – Step by Step Updated Guide

When you’re pampering your skin and hair, your eyebrows may feel abandoned. But eyebrows have a huge impact on your look. You don’t want a pair of messed-up eyebrows with your perfect makeup look. 

For this, eyebrow pomade comes. This is a cream-based formula that helps you to fill your eyebrows and make those look thicker. For a perfect look, a pair of perfect eyebrows are important. Eyebrow pomade helps you to achieve that. 

But to get the best performance from your eyebrow pomade, you should pick the best one and know how to use it perfectly. 

Here in this article, I’m going to talk about how you can apply eyebrow pomade perfectly. 

So, let’s talk. 

How To Apply Eyebrow Pomade

Step1- Pick the Right Pomade 

The very first thing you should keep in mind is your pomade needs to match your eyebrow. Eyebrow pomades come in different shades and colors. Make sure that the color goes with the color of your eyebrow. In the case of shade, it should match your skin tone and complexion. 

Step 2- Clean the Eyebrows 

Make sure you’ve cleaned your eyebrows. If there is dirt, dust, or debris, the pomade won’t sit properly. As a result, you won’t get the expected look. 

So, wash your eyebrows with warm water and let them dry. If there is any excess hair, pluck it. Then brush your eyebrows to bring those in shape.

Thus you can make a good platform for your eyebrow pomade. 

Step 3- Make an Outline 

When your brows are dry and ready, apply the pomade. You should make the outline with the pomade first. Take an angled brush and draw an outline of your brows.

Use small strokes to do this. Don’t take excess pomade on the brush. Be slow and gentle so that the outline becomes perfect. It may need some time but saves you from a lot of hazards. 

Step 4- Fill the Eyebrows 

Now it is time to fill the eyebrows with pomade. Take some pomade on the brush and apply it to fill the outline. 

Here is a trick to avoid overuse. You always have the chance to apply more. So start from less. Apply a small amount first. If it is not sufficient, you can add some more later. 

Step 5- Continue Strokes to Reach Expected Look

Gently continue the strokes with a small amount of pomade on the brush. Make sure that the strokes are hair-like. This means the strokes should be aligned to the hairs of your eyebrows.

Continue until you get your expected density and color. Don’t overdo it unless you wish to ruin the look. 

Step 6- Comb through the Eyebrow

Pull up the spoolie and comb through the eyebrows. Doing this will bring a hair-like texture and your eyebrows will look natural. 

Step 7- Apply Concealer

Apply a little concealer around the outline of your eyebrows. Doing this will help you to sharpen the arch and outline of your eyebrows. Besides, it helps you to cover some minor mistakes that you’ve made because of a hurry. 

Following this process, you can achieve the most perfect look of your eyebrows. It may take time to master it as it needs you to be careful and patient. 

Some Common Questions about pomade

Answers to Some Common Questions

What if I apply too much pomade?

Applying too much pomade is not what you want. It ruins your look. But the problem is- sometimes you may apply excess pomade on your eyebrows. Here is the solution.

Take a cotton swab. Gently remove the excess pomade from your eyebrows using it. Do it carefully and don’t put much pressure on the swab. If you do so, there is a chance that the pomade will get scattered and create another mess. 

How can I make the pomade look natural?

While putting on makeup, you want to maintain a natural look. In the case of eyebrow pomade, you can do a few things to keep it natural. 

First, you should pick one that matches the color of your eyebrows. This helps the pomade to mix better and look natural. Secondly, while applying, use small strokes. Also, apply it in a similar direction to your eyebrows. 

Blend the pomade evenly on your brows. If it is not blended evenly, it’ll look horrible. 

Can I use eyebrow gel and pomade together?

Yes, you can. Using gel and pomade together on your eyebrow ensures better volume and hold. But there is an issue. In this case, you’ll have to mix these two somewhere and then apply. 

While mixing these two, you should make sure that both come with similar or closest colors so that mixing up doesn’t end up as a mess.

Also, there is a matter of compatibility too. Not all the gels are compatible with all the pomades. This is a complex issue. You need to trial a few times to find out the best compatibility. 

I suggest leaving the complexity and staying on the safe side. There is no need to mix these two. A good eyebrow pomade will ensure you a good hold and look. 

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Final Verdict

Eyebrow pomade gives you a good look. So, you need to know how to apply it properly. 

I follow the process above to apply pomade on eyebrows. I hope this will help you to avoid a messy look created by the wrong application of eyebrow pomade. 

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