How To Apply Pomade Properly

How To Apply Pomade Properly – A Step by Step Guide

Pomade is a hair styling product that is made to ensure a specific range of shine and hold to your hair. Depending on the formula, different pomades give different shine and hold to your hair. Besides these, you may find some moisture and hydration from your pomade too. 

No matter why you use the pomade, knowing how to use it is actually important. In the case of pomade, this is more crucial because we may easily skip one or more important points. 

To make sure that you’re using the pomade properly, I’ve talked about the thorough process of using pomade on your hair. Check whether you were doing it right or not. 

Leaving all the brags, let’s start. 

The Perfect Way To Apply Pomade

Before starting applying, you should make sure that you’ve picked the pomade with your expected shine. As different pomades come with different shine and hold, be careful about what you’re buying. So, actually, the very first step is picking the right one. Don’t ignore this step. 

Now when the pomade is in your hands, follow the process given below to get the best out of it. 

Step 1- Wash Your Hair

Start by washing your hair. To apply pomade, you need to wash off the dirt and grime your hair has. You can use shampoo for it. Also, you can use just clean water to get rid of dirt. 

There is another reason to wash your hair. Pomade works well on wet hair. So, wash the hair properly so that water reaches every hair strand. 

Step 2- Towel-dry Your Hair

Use a towel to soak up maximum water from your hair. The towel should be clean and dry. While doing it, keep the hair a bit wet so that the pomade works better. 

Don’t leave a huge amount of water. Make it as dry as possible using a towel. Still, you’ll see that your hair is damp enough to activate the pomade. 

Step 3- Take Pomade on Your Fingers

Now when your hairs are ready for the pomade, take some pomade on your fingers. 

The exact amount you need depends on the length of your hair. While applying, keep in mind that you have to apply the pomade on each hair strand but it shouldn’t leave a thick layer on your hair. I guess a fingernail-sized drop will be okay for you. 

You can always add some more. So, start from a small amount. If you think that’s not enough, take some more. 

Thus, you’ll find your ideal amount within a few applications.

After taking it on your finger, use both sets of your finger to rub and warm it up. Rub a bit following a counter circular motion. This distributed the balm evenly on your fingertips. 

Now your balm is ready to be applied to your hair.

Apply the Balm on Hair

Step 4- Apply the Balm on Hair

While applying it, make sure that you’re applying on the roots first. You need to do this because the roots direct the hairs towards the expected direction. So, focus on the roots and influence their direction towards your expectation. 

This is the reason you should take and rub the pomade on your fingertips, not your palms. If you take in palms, you can’t reach the roots. This is a common mistake in the pomade application. 

As you’re looking for a shine beside the hold, you need to apply it all around your head. So, start from the front hairs, then apply on the sides, and lastly go for the back. If you think you need more products, take more and apply. 

Step 5- Comb Your Hair

If you never use a comb on your hair, you have to do it now. You may like to go for finger combing. But the main purpose of combing here is to spread the pomade to all the lengths of your hair. As the pomade is applied to the roots, combing helps you to reapply those up to the tips. 

So, use a comb towards your expected direction. 

If you don’t like the perfection of the comb, you can use your regular finger-combing after using the comb to get your expected imperfection. 

Step 6- Use a Dryer

This is not a must phase to perform. If you want, you can use a dryer on your hair. It ensures a longer and stronger hold. Also, it gives a lift too. So, if you want, you can go for it. 

Now your hair is all set and you’re ready to go out. 

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Final Verdict

Some basic mistakes can ruin the major benefit of applying hair pomade. I guess from now on, you’ll correct your common mistakes and apply pomade on your hair perfectly. 

However, don’t leave pomade on your hair. Wash it off after you come back home. Keeping it on your hair for a long time may cause residue. 

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