How to Use Inglot Brush Cleanser

How to Use Inglot Brush Cleanser – How Frequently Should Use

A brush cleanser is an important part of your makeup kit. It doesn’t directly go with your makeup product but helps to keep your makeup brush clean. 

Keeping your brush clean is important. A clean brush allows you to apply the makeup perfectly and easily on your skin. Also, when the brush is cleaned every day, bacteria don’t build up in it. As a result, your makeup and skin both remain safe. 

Another benefit of a clean brush is a longer lifetime. You can use it for a long time. 

Among a lot of brush cleaners, you’ll find in the market, Inglot brush cleanser is one. This is a spray-type cleanser that keeps bacteria away from the bristles. It is an alcohol-based cleanser and comes with a gentle formula that is appropriate for almost all types of brushes.

If you’re interested to get yourself an Inglot brush cleanser, you should know how to use it. Below is the process of using an Inglot brush cleanser.

How to Use Inglot Brush Cleanser

To clean your makeup brush with an Inglot brush cleanser, you’ll need a few things. These are-

  • Inglot brush cleanser 
  • Inglot brush scrubber
  • High-quality shampoo
  • Warm water

Let’s start the process.

Step 1: Take the Inglot brush scrubber and put a small amount of shampoo on it. A pea-sized amount is fine. Shampoo removes the impurities and small particles. 

Step 2: Take the warm water and soak the bristles only in the water. If you can’t soak the bristles only, use a dropper and spread warm water on the bristles with the help of it. You should damp the bristles enough to catch shampoo. 

Step 3: Rub the brush bristles on the shampoo on the scrubber. Keep doing this until the bristles are completely covered with the foam. 

Step 4: Take some warm water in a pot and rinse the bristle thoroughly in it. Make sure that the bristles are clean and the foams are gone properly. 

Step 5: Use your fingers to remove the excess water from the brush. Don’t go harsh. Do this gently so that the shape of the bristle doesn’t break. 

Step 6: In this step, the Inglot brush cleanser comes into action. The shampoo has washed away the residues of makeup products. Now, it is time to remove the bacteria. 

Take the Inglot brush cleanser and spray the solution on the bristles of your makeup brush. Doing this will prevent any type of bacterial formation. 

Step 7: Hang the brush somewhere putting the bristle downwards, which means an upside-down position. You can use the Inglot brush drying rack or any other rack. 

Inglot doesn’t suggest putting the brush flat because this may result in losing bristles. 

Step 8: When the brush is dry, store it in your kit box.

How Frequently Should You Use Inglot Brush Cleanser

How Frequently Should You Use Inglot Brush Cleanser?

If you have to use the brush regularly, a common routine of cleaning the brush is once every two weeks. On the other hand, if you’re not a frequent user, you should clean your makeup brushes once every month to keep bacteria away. 

This is a common suggestion if the brushes are used by a single person. If your share your makeup kit with someone else, the brushes become used more frequently on multiple skins. In that case, you should clean the brushes at least once a week.

If you’re a makeup artist and use the brushes frequently on multiple people, you must cleanse the brush after every time you use it. If you don’t do so, many issues may arise including the spread of bacteria. 

In that case, the above process costs a lot of your time. You can follow a shortcut. 

Spray some Inglot brush cleanser on a tissue and rub the brush bristles on it to remove the excess makeup. Make sure that both sides of the brush are clean properly. Perform this every time you use the brush.

Final Verdict

Using the Inglot brush cleanser is not a tough process. It may take some time and patience if you have a lot of brushes. But doing this saves your brush, skin, and makeup products from bacteria buildup. 

Thus, by cleansing your makeup brushes, you’re saving a lot of your money. 

Also, it is always a good thing to take care of the things that you use to take care of yourself. So, include an Inglot brush cleanser in your makeup list.

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