How to Lay Your Edges without Gel

How to Lay Your Edges without Gel – Tricks to Lay Hair Edges

Everyone loves to have the look of sleek edges. But this is often impossible because the baby hairs irritate so much. Those don’t let you have a sleek edge. So, the look you expect becomes ruined. 

Using gel is a good way of getting rid of this situation. However, many don’t want to use gel because of the negative impacts gel has on the hair. Using gel too much is not good for your hair at all. So, they seek alternatives to gel that can help them to fix the issue with edges. 

I know you’re also one among them. In fact, I was once. A few days ago, I’ve researched and found out some great ways to lay your edges without gel. Let me share those with you. 

Ways to Lay Your Hair Edges without Gel

Ways to Lay Your Hair Edges without Gel

Hair Butter

The main aim of hair butter is to hold the hair in place and provide nourishment. So, if you want to get a sleek edge, go for hair butter. Besides keeping the edge smooth and sleek, it’ll also provide the necessary moisture to your hair and scalp. 

Use natural hair butter for a better outcome. Those don’t create any problem even in long-term use. Put the butter on your hair in a similar way you used to apply a gel.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Jamaican black castor oil is thick and heavy. So it holds the hair properly. Unlike hair butter, it can’t deliver much moisture. But in the case of keeping your edge hair laid flat, this works great. 

Jamaican black castor oil helps your hair to grow. So, applying it also promotes the growth of your edge hairs. 

You should be careful while applying it because an excess application may ruin your look by the shine that you don’t want at all.

Your Own All-natural Gel

If you don’t want to use the gel that is available in the market, try using a homemade all-natural gel. These gels are made with natural ingredients to provide a stronghold without hampering the quality of your hair. 

You’ll find a lot of recipes online about how to make a hair gel at home. You can make your own following the recipes. Also, you’ll find some natural homemade gels in the market. You can try those out.

Tricks to Lay the Hair Edges

A few tricks can make it easy for you. Below are my two suggestions that you can follow while looking for a sleek edge.

Tricks to Lay the Hair Edges

Use a Toothbrush

Applying a comb or hairbrush is not effective on your baby’s hair. In this case, a toothbrush can help you a lot. The bristles of a toothbrush are small and effective in brushing small hairs. So, after you apply the butter, homemade gel, or castor oil, use a toothbrush to evenly lay the hairs and get a sleek look. 

Spending money on small and fancy small brushes is not worth it. A toothbrush may work much better compared to those.

Tie the Edge

After applying the gel, butter, or oil, the hair is laid, but it won’t stay the same for a long time. To keep those lay for a long time, use a satin or silk scarf to wrap the edges of your hair. Keep it for 20-25 minutes so that your hair gets adjusted to the position. 

Doing this ensures a sleek hair edge that stays for a long time, probably all day long. So, you can follow this trick. In this 20-25 minutes, you can pick your dress, apply makeup, or have small chitchat with friends.

Final Verdict

Avoiding chemical products is always recommended. So, you should try these natural ways to fix the baby hair issue in the edges of your hair. 

The baby hairs in the edges won’t ruin your look but those won’t allow you to get the sleek look you want. So, fix those using the ways I’ve discussed. Don’t forget to use the tricks.  

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