How to Use Wet and Dry Foundation

How to Use Wet and Dry Foundation | Full Process To Use

Foundation may come in different formats but all of those can be divided into two parts- foundations that come in a wet condition (liquid, cream, or serum foundation), and foundations that come in dry condition (powder foundation). 

Besides these, you’ll find wet and dry foundations. This is a type of foundation that you can use in both ways. You can apply it as a wet one when you need to cover the maximum area, or a dry one when you need a light touch-up or finish. 

A lot of people become confused thinking about the ways to use such type of foundation. Maybe you’re one of them too and that’s why you’re here. Using it is not a big deal. All you need to do is being a bit careful. 

Let’s see how to use a wet and dry foundation.

The Process to Use a Wet and Dry Foundation

The Process to Use a Wet and Dry Foundation

For Dry Use

If you want to use your wet and dry foundation as a dry one, you should simply follow the similar thing you do when you apply a powder foundation. 

Take a clean sponge or brush. Gently swirl it over the foundation. Don’t be rough. Then apply the foundation on your face evenly. Be careful and calmly spread it over your face. 

Follow the same process as long as you don’t reach your expectation.

For Wet Use

To use it as a wet foundation, you have to use a sponge. You can’t apply it properly using a brush. 

Take a clean sponge and damp it with water. Press it gently to avoid the extra water. Then swirl the wet sponge over the foundation. Don’t press the sponge too much. This will make the foundation wet by leaving water on it. 

After you pick the expected amount of foundation on the sponge, apply the foundation to your face. Be gentle and spread it evenly. 

Following these ways, you can apply a dry and wet foundation to your face. Depending on the brand you use, the process may vary a bit. So, before using, check what they’ve said about the process of applying.

Advantages of Wet and Dry Foundation

A wet and dry foundation comes with the big advantage that it can be used as both a wet foundation and a dry one. You can use it as a wet one when you need to put on a foundation for total makeup. Also, you can use it as a dry one when you need a quick touchup. 

So, you won’t have to go for two different foundations for two different purposes. As a result, when you’re traveling, you can save some space in your bag and also get rid of a tiny weight.

Final Verdict

A wet and dry foundation comes to provide the benefits of both wet conditioners and dry ones. Thus, this 2-in-1 foundation helps you to move comfortably. Also, the way of using it is not complex. So, you should go for it, especially if you travel a lot. 

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