How To Fix Dry Mascara

How To Fix Dry Mascara With Castor Oil | Easy Ways To Fix

Mascara can get dry for many reasons, but that’s not the exact thing we’re going to talk about right now. The problem with dry mascara is, you can’t apply dry mascara properly. So, you should bring it back to the previous condition so that you can start using it again. 

You’ll find a lot of ways to fix your dry mascara, using castor oil is one of those. 

People ask to use castor oil to fix mascara because it helps in lash growth. After you fix your mascara with castor oil, every time you apply mascara on your lash, the oil helps your lash to grow better. 

I know you’re interested to know the process of fixing your mascara with castor oil. Below is the process.

How To Fix Dry Mascara With Castor Oil

How to Fix Dry Mascara with Castor Oil

For this, you’ll need a dropper, some castor oil, and obviously your mascara tube. 

Use the dropper to pick some castor oil from the bottle. You don’t have to fill the dropper fully. Only a few drops are required. So, don’t worry about filling the dropper fully. 

Squeeze 2-3 drops of oil in your mascara tube. Don’t go for more than this at the first step. Using more than 2-3 drops may make mascara too oily. So, don’t squeeze more than this amount. If needed, you can add later. 

Insert the mascara wand in the tube and shake it well so that the oil gets mixed with the mascara inside. After you shake the bottle well, check the consistency by applying it to your hand. If the expected consistency is achieved, the process is over. If it is still dry, add 2 more drops following the process. 

Thus, continue until you achieve the expected consistency. Typically, 2-3 drops are enough. 

In this way, you can fix your mascara when it is dried out.

As castor oil helps your lash to be strong and grow better, sometimes people follow this way to mix castor oil with the mascara, even when it is not dried out. You can do this. But make sure that you aren’t using more than 2 drops of castor oil. Otherwise, the mascara will lose its consistency.

Some Other Ways to Fix Dry Mascara

Castor oil is not the only way of repairing your dried-out mascara. Below are some other ways to fix your dry mascara.

Using Warm Water

This is the easiest way of fixing dry mascara. When mascara is dry, take some warm water in a pot and put the mascara tube in it. The heat brings the moisture back and softens the mascara again. 

Don’t try to put water in the mascara tube. Doing this will destroy the mascara and you can’t use it.

Generic Eye Drop

You can also fix your mascara using a generic eye drop. 

Put 3-4 drops of generic eye drop inside the mascara tube and shake well. This will soften the mascara again to use on your lashes. 

You can similarly use a contact lens solution to fix dry mascara.

Aloe Vera Gel

The homemade aloe vera gel that you’re using as a moisturizer can also be used to revive dry mascara. 

Open your mascara tube and put 1-2 tiny shots of aloe vera gel inside it. Close the tube and shake well. Use the mascara wand to mix it well. Doing this brings back the moisture and softens the mascara.

Olive Oil

Add olive oil following the process I’ve shown above in the case of castor oil. This will fix your dry mascara. 

If you don’t have olive oil, you can use macadamia oil, almond oil, or any type of essential oil.


If you have a thin moisturizer, you can use it to fix your dry mascara too. Add 3-4 drops in the tube and shake oil. This will blend with the dry mascara and share the moisture. In this way, moisturizers can help you to revive dry mascara. 

However, don’t use thick moisturizer. Thick moisturizer doesn’t blend easily. So you have to put more. As a result, the balance in the proportion will be hampered.


Microwaves can work just like warm water to fix your dry mascara. 

Put the mascara tube in the microwave and select the minimum temperature and minimum time. The temperature must be more than room temperature. Now, turn the microwave on. 

The heat melts the mascara pretty well.

(N.B.- I haven’t tried this yet. So, do at your own risk.)

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly comes with moisture which can fix dry mascara. 

For this, take the mascara wand out and tap it in the petroleum jelly. Take some jelly on the wand and blend it well with the mascara. Doing this will bring the mascara to regular condition.

Final Verdict

Instead of talking about only one way, I’ve talked about multiple ways to revive your dry mascara. I guess now you can easily get yourself out of the situation. 

However, I suggest taking care of your mascara so that it doesn’t dry out. This is better to use a mascara that has never dried out. 

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