Is Moisturizer Good for Skin

Is Moisturizer Good for Skin – Benefits of Using Moisturizer

A moisturizer is a preparation or product that removes the dryness of your skin. Besides preventing the dryness of skin, moisturizers also help by protecting your skin from the rays of the sun and reducing signs of aging. 

I guess you’re looking for an answer to the question- is moisturizer good for skin? 

I’m going to talk about what I’ve found whiles searching for the answer to a similar question. But before that, you should first know how moisturizers work. 

How Moisturizer Works

Moisturizer works on the most outer part of your skin. It increases the moisture of your skin in two ways. 

A type of moisturizer focuses on holding the moisture that your skin gets from the outside environment. There is another type of moisturizer that restores the moisture on your skin and reduces dryness by providing the necessary moisture. 

When applied, moisturizer sits on the outer layer of your skin and helps your skin to trap more moisture, from the outside environment or from itself. Thus, a moisturizer removes the dryness from your skin.

The Benefits of Using Moisturizer

The Benefits of Using Moisturizer

By enhancing the moisture of your skin, moisturizer benefits your skin in many ways. Below are some of the benefits of using moisturizer.

Reduced Dullness

Moisturizer allows your skin to get more moisture. As a result, your skin doesn’t look dull or dry anymore. Also, the protective layer of the moisturizer keeps dullness away all day long.

Younger Looking Skin

When your skin is properly moisturized, it doesn’t look dull. Also, moisturizer protects your skin from many environmental elements. So, your skin remains in a good condition if you consider its overall health. This allows your skin to look younger.

Reduced Wrinkles

Being open to the environmental elements and UV rays, your skin becomes weaker. It doesn’t remain flexible anymore and starts breaking. That’s how wrinkles happen. 

Moisturizer helps your skin to hold flexibility by providing enough moisture. Thus using moisturizer reduces wrinkles.

Reduced Skin Problems

If you use a moisturizer that goes with your skin type, it protects your skin from any extreme skin condition. Extreme skin conditions like extreme dryness or extreme oiliness can cause a lot of skin problems. Using the right kind of moisturizer reduces the problems by taking care of your skin. 

Up to this point, I’ve talked about the benefits of using moisturizer. But your question was- is moisturizer good for skin?

Is Moisturizer Good for Skins

Is Moisturizer Good for Skin?

Till now I’ve talked about the positive sides. These are the things you see everywhere. But there is another side too. 

In spite of all these benefits, moisturizers can hit your skin adversely. Let’s see how. 

Our skin has its moisturizing process. When the moisturizing process of your skin is working well and you put moisturizer on it, the regular process becomes hampered. If it happens regularly, the very own moisturizing process of your skin collapses. It can’t produce enough moisture. As a result, your skin becomes dependent on moisturizers. Without the artificial moisturizer from outside, your skin becomes dry. 

Also, in the moisturizing process, the skin produces elastin and collagen- two important ingredients that maintain the elasticity of your skin and keep it young. When the natural moisturizing process collapses, the production of elastin and collagen becomes hampered. Your skin loses the capability to keep itself young. Thus, under an artificial young look, your skin actually gets aged. 

Besides a natural moisturizing process, our skin has a natural regeneration process. In this process, the skin replaces the dull skin cells with new cells sent from deeper layers. Applying moisturizer makes the process slow. As a result, the dead skin cells still remain on the outer part of your skin and your skin looks dull. 

So, we can see that moisturizers create the exact issues from which we think those save us.

Should I Leave Using Moisturizer?

According to many dermatologists, if you can leave moisturizers, it is a very good decision. They suggest stopping moisturizing and starting exfoliating to maintain the natural balance and look of your skin. You can use an anti-oxidant serum after exfoliating.

But if you don’t want to leave moisturizing, don’t worry. 

The adverse effects of moisturizers happen if you use these regularly. So, to keep the adverse effects away, I suggest reducing the amount of moisturizer used. 

You don’t have to apply moisturizer every day all day long. Gradually cut the amount of moisturizer. Switch to the lighter options and reduce the frequency. 

Keep the amount, frequency, and density as low as possible. If possible, try to leave using these.

Final Verdict

Moisturizers are good products. But that is for the short-term only. In the long-term, these make the natural moisturizing and regeneration process collapse. A lot of dermatologists have said this. 

If you leave moisturizers, there are a few ways in which you can keep your skin healthy and deal with the environmental elements, UV rays, dryness and dullness issues, etc. You should go for those. 

I’ve talked about both. Now the decision is yours. You can go for moisturizers or not.

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