What is a European Facial Treatment

What is a European Facial Treatment? – Benefits and Steps

European Facial Treatment is a process of taking care of the face and neck through a thorough and deep cleansing and moisturizing. This is a great way of improving the quality of your skin. 

European Facial Treatment contains multiple steps which should be performed in a row. Otherwise, the treatment won’t be effective. 

This is not a quick and short treatment for your skin. As it comes with multiple steps, it requires a good setup and a long time. Though it is not recommended you can try this at home too. Multiple steps of this treatment can be performed at home.

Steps of European Facial Treatment

Steps of European Facial Treatment

Below are the steps of a European Facial Treatment. 

Step 1- Cleansing and Toning

The very first step of every facial treatment is cleansing. The reason is- nothing can work the best if the skin is not clean. 

Similarly, in a European Facial Treatment, at the very first, the skin is cleansed to remove impurities and make a perfect ground for the next steps. 

After cleansing, the skin is toned using a toner to make sure that the skin is dampened. A damp skin surface receives moisturizer or other things properly. If you’re at home and don’t use toner, you can dampen the skin with warm water and a soft piece of cloth.

Step 2- Exfoliation

The main reason behind exfoliation is to remove dead cells from the skin. This encourages the growth of healthy skin cells. Besides this, exfoliation removes deep impurities and clogging of skin pores.

It removes the dullness of your skin and brings a glow.

Step 3- Steam

The next step is steam. 

It is used to open the pores. Opening the pores ensures better and deep cleaning by removing the deep impurities under the skin. 

Typically steaming process contains different types of tools. But if you’re at home, you can use a warm and wet towel to apply steam. The result is similar.

Step 4- Extraction

Extraction is a manual process for even deeper cleansing of pores. The main focus of this step is removing the most stubborn impurities from the skin to make it healthier. 

Some avoid extraction because the manual process of cleansing pores seems to be uncomfortable to them. But for better results, this step should be performed properly.

Step 5- Massage

The step after extraction is massage. In this step, the face, neck, and sometimes shoulder are deeply massaged.

The main reason behind massage is making the skin and muscles relaxed after the manual extraction process. It awakens and stimulates the skin cells to be more active and lively.

Massage can be of different types. Depending on the need, multiple types of massage can also be used to treat properly.

Step 6- Mask

The next step is using a mask. 

Mask is typically used to help the skin recover and develop. Besides, a mask also helps to nourish and hydrate the skin. 

Depending on the skin type and exactly what is needed, the mask used differs. For dry skin, hydrating mask is used. Pore minimizing, soothing, anti-aging, purifying, etc. are some of the masks that are mostly used in this process.

Step 7- Moisturizing

At the end of the treatment, the skin is moisturized using a moisturizer. This step is the last touch that ensures that your skin is getting proper treatment. 

Using a moisturizer is important because it removes dryness and provides a glow on your skin. 

Sometimes, a serum is used instead of a moisturizer, especially when the skin is dry. It works as a perfect replacement for a moisturizer. It moisturizes the skin and keeps it young.

This is the basic step-by-step process of a European Facial Treatment. Some places add one or more steps to the process for better results.

Benefits of European Facial Treatment

Benefits of European Facial Treatment

European Facial Treatment is a long and time-consuming process. But it provides some benefits that you can’t avoid. Check some of the benefits of this facial treatment.

  • Removal of Impurities under the Skin

Multiple steps of European Facial Treatment are directly focused on removing the impurities and clogs from the pores. As a result, after the treatment is done, you’ll have a face that is free from almost all types of impurities we have in our face.

When the impurities are removed from your skin, it’ll look healthier and brighter. Also, it’ll help your beauty products to penetrate better.

  • Detoxification of Skin

A lot of toxins are found under the skin. These toxins work as barriers to the blood flow to your facial skin. As a result, your skin looks pale. European Facial Treatment removes those toxins through multiple steps.

Detoxification of skin results in better blood circulation and healthier skin cells. 

  • Increase of New Cells

European Facial Treatment removes the old and dead cells from your skin. As a result, the scope of growing new cells increases. 

New and young skin cells improve the quality of your skin and make you look better. 

  • Hydrated Skin

European Facial Treatment including hydrating the skin. As a result, after you receive the treatment, your skin will be hydrated and glowing. 

A hydrated skin ensures a young look.

  • Reduction of Age Spots

Several steps of European Facial Treatment focus on removing the age spots and fine lines from the face. As a result, your skin looks healthier. 

Reduction of age spots and fine lines also make you look younger.

Final Verdict

Overall speaking, European Facial Treatment is a great facial treatment for your facial skin. You’ll find multiple benefits of it. 

It is suggested to have a European Facial Treatment at least once in two months. Doing this will help you to maintain a young look. Besides, it’ll allow you to have a healthy and glowing face. 

Besides removing the signs of stress from your face, it is believed that this facial treatment reduces some stress that you’re going through. Want to check the fact? If so, go for a European Facial Treatment today.

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