What Kind of Body Wash to Use After Spray Tan

What Kind of Body Wash to Use After Spray Tan – Explained

After getting a spray tan, you must be tensed about the longevity of it. It should last for a long time on your skin, at least 7-10 days for an average spray tan. The longevity depends on the quality of the tan, the shade you’re going for, the method and ingredients used in the process, and so on. 

But there is another important factor that affects the durability of a spray tan- the soap or body wash you use. 

To keep your skin clean, you should use soap or body wash while taking a shower. As a spray tan sits on the upper layer of your skin only, it washes away easily as you use a harsh soap or body wash. So, you must be careful about what soap or body wash you use after spray tan. 

Here, I’m going to talk about that in this article. So, if you’re looking for what kind of body wash to use after a spray tan, here is your answer. Keep Reading.

Using Soap or Body Wash Right after the Tan

You can’t use any soap or body wash right after the tanning process. 

The reason is, the ingredients in the tan require time to be absorbed on your skin. If you use any type of soap or body wash, even the mildest one, there is a chance that it’ll wash away the tan from your skin. Thus, you’ll lose the tone. 

So, after you get your skin tanned, don’t use any type of soap or body wash in the first shower. Use lukewarm water for the shower. Also, use your hands to rub and wash away dirt. Don’t go for a washcloth or any other options because those may work as an exfoliator and take away the tan from your skin. 

Using Soap or Body Wash after the First Shower

Using Soap or Body Wash after the First Shower

From the next showers, you’re allowed to use soap or body wash. But for this, you need to keep a few things in mind. 

The first thing is- you must ensure that your soap or body wash is made of natural ingredients. Keep it as natural as possible. Don’t use too many chemical ingredients.  

Secondly, don’t use any soap or body wash that comes with harsh ingredients. Mineral oil is a harsh ingredient that can wash off your tan. Also, added fragrance might have a negative impact on your tan. 

Thirdly, prioritize products that come with added moisture. The reason is- moist skin can hold the tan for longer. Also, it makes the tan a shade darker in most cases. 

So, the moral of the story is- to keep your tan longer on your skin, you should go for natural body washes. Don’t use any product that contains harsh ingredients like added fragrance, mineral oil, too many chemical ingredients, etc. 

Final Verdict

Having a spray tan is exciting, I know. But you should also make sure that it is durable as you’re spending a decent amount of money on it. 

I’ve suggested the type of body wash you should use after spray tan. I guess it’ll help you to pick one that’ll save your tan from being washed off easily. Also, I suggest continuing using these body washes even when you don’t have a spray tan because these are calm on your skin and don’t have any negative impact. 

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