What to Do for Pain After Teeth Whitening

What To Do for Pain After Teeth Whitening – 9 Tips To Do

The teeth whitening process works great in most cases and gives you a clean white set of teeth. But the problem is, as this process contains some harsh chemicals, there is a chance that you’ll face some sensitivity issues after each session. 

The best thing you can do in this case is to consult your dentist. However, you can also try some techniques too. I’m going to share those. 

Before jumping to the techniques, let me declare to you that you should go for these techniques after you consult your dentist. Let your dentist check the issue first. Maybe he/she’ll suggest using a calmer product. If there is no major problem, you can go for the techniques. 

Now, let’s talk about what you can do to reduce the pain or sensitivity after a teeth whitening session. 

What to Do for Pain after Teeth Whitening

What to Do for Pain after Teeth Whitening?

Stay away from too Hot or too Cold Foods and Drinks

For at least two days after each session, avoid eating any kind of hot or cold foods and beverages. As your teeth and gums are more sensitive to things in this period, eating such food or beverage can result in more pain and irritation. 

Avoid Acidic Drinks and Foods

Acidic foods and drinks are also responsible for increasing the irritation or pain in your teeth and gum. So, in your diet routine, don’t keep any acidic drink or food. Anything that contains mild acid like citric acid should be avoided as much as possible. 

At least, make sure that you’re not eating or drinking such food or drink within two days of each session.

Be Careful about Foods

Besides cutting hot and cold foods from your list, you should be careful about other foods too. Some foods are directly related to the increase of sensitivity of your teeth. You should avoid those. Also, avoid hard foods that require more time to chew. 

Use Desensitizing Toothpaste

Use desensitizing toothpaste to keep the feeling of sensitivity away. This type of toothpaste blocks the pain signals to the nerve. Thus, you won’t feel the pain. Before using it, ask your dentist.

Use Desensitizing Gel

You can also go for desensitizing gel. It works similarly the toothpaste. But, you have to put it on your teeth for a long time. You can use it with toothpaste or instead of toothpaste. Don’t forget to take suggestions from your dentist before using it.

Brush Calmly

Don’t be rough while brushing your teeth. Besides using calm toothpaste, use a quality toothbrush. It should come with soft bristles. Also, while washing inside the mouth, use lukewarm or normal temperature water. 

Use a Straw to Drink

To drink any type of liquid, use a straw. If you take help from a straw to drink the liquids, those won’t come in contact with your teeth. Thus, your teeth will be safe from irritation. 

Use Fluoride Products

While picking any product from your teeth, make sure that it comes with fluoride. Fluoride helps your teeth to get the mineral it needs. Thus it reduces irritation. 

Take Medications

To get rid of irritation or pain, you can take help from medications. There are several medicines that can help you to deal with such problems. But while picking the medicine, consulting your dentist and taking suggestions is the best thing you can do. 

What to Do to Avoid Pain in Teeth Whitening

What to Do to Avoid Pain in Teeth Whitening?

Discussed above are the steps you can take if pain or irritation happens after the teeth whitening session. But, you can follow some tips before the process that can help you avoid the pain. Those tips are given below.

Pick a Professional-Grade Kit

There are a lot of teeth whitening kits available in the market. All of those don’t work similarly. So, you need to pick the best one. Try to pick the ones that are suggested by the professionals. 

If you have enough confidence or your dentist, use the one that he/she suggests.

In a word, go for a professional-grade suggestion from a professional. This will keep the risk lower. 

Follow the Instructions

If you want to avoid pain after the whitening session, you should use the kit following the instructions properly. In most cases, irritation happens because of not following the instructions. 

Don’t keep it longer than instructed, use the exact amount as instructed, and the gaps between the sessions should be taken as instructed. Don’t try to be over-smart. 

Start Using Desensitizing Toothpaste

To clean your teeth, start using desensitizing toothpaste a few days before you start the teeth whitening process. It’ll be best if you look for expert help before starting it. It’ll help your teeth to learn to avoid the pain.

Besides such toothpaste, you can start using a desensitizing gel. Also, you can use the gel and the toothpaste together.

Final Verdict

Irritation after teeth whitening sessions is a common matter. But the problem happens when the irritation or pain stays for a long time. In such cases, the above tips can help you to keep the irritation as low as possible. 

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