What to Eat After Teeth Whitening

What to Eat After Teeth Whitening and What Not to Eat

The process of teeth whitening allows you to get shiny and attractive teeth. In this process, your teeth and gum come in touch with some harsh chemicals. So, these become sensitive right after the whitening process ends. 

Depending on your oral health, the sensitivity stays for around 48 to 72 hours. Within this time, for the safety of your teeth and gums, you need to stay away from some types of foods and drinks. 

So you might want to know which foods and drinks you can consume after teeth whitening. If so, stick to me. In this article, I’m going to talk about what to eat and what not to eat after teeth whitening

What not to Eat after Teeth Whitening

What not to Eat after Teeth Whitening?

Before going to what to eat, let’s talk about what not to eat after you get your teeth whitened. 

  • Black Coffee- You may love black coffee and can’t pass your day without it. But once you get your teeth whitened, you should leave it for 2-3 days. If you want, you can have coffee with milk added to it. Milk lowers the possibility of stains. 
  • Tea- The same thing goes with dark tea. It stains your teeth quickly. So, you should avoid it. But if you can’t resist the craving, have light tea with milk for at least 2-3 days. 
  • Fruit Juice- Fruit juice is acidic. As a result, it weakens the enamel. So, avoid these. 
  • Fizzy Drinks- Avoid Fizzy drinks for a similar reason you’re avoiding fruit juice. 
  • Wine- Red wine comes with a high possibility of staining your teeth. White wine doesn’t have the risk of staining. However, it should still be avoided because it is acidic and weakens the enamel. 
  • Foods having Colors- Foods that have color in them- naturally or added- should be avoided to keep your teeth white. 
  • Dark Fruits- The natural color of dark fruits may stain your teeth.
  • Sweets and Chocolates- These are very attractive and tasty. But these may leave stains on your teeth. Besides, these can increase sensitivity. 
  • Tobacco- Leave tobacco for at least 2-3 days if you don’t want to go back to your previous teeth. Use alternatives to get rid of cravings. 
Foods and Drinks You can Eat after Teeth Whitening

Foods and Drinks You can Eat after Teeth Whitening?

  • Turkey or Chicken- These don’t come with any heavy color or acidic properties. So, you can eat these after teeth whitening. Just be sure that these are fat-free.
  • White Fish- White fish doesn’t leave any stain. However, you should cook this without any dark condiments.
  • Rice- Rice is free from colors and acids. So, there is zero chance of harming or staining your teeth. But don’t eat too much rice because it contains carbs, and excess carbs can cause cavities. 
  • Pasta- Eat pasta only if you can avoid colored sauces with it. 
  • Egg Whites- You can have egg whites. You’ll have to leave the yolks because those contain some colors.
  • Potato- Potato is a good food to have after getting your teeth whitened. However, don’t eat too much because it contains a high amount of carbs. 
  • Banana- You can add banana to your snack because it has a very little amount of colorants. 
  • White Cheese- You can try white cheese recipes where it is used with other safe foods. Don’t use wine with your white cheese.
  • Porridge- Have porridge and some milk as a meal. Avoid adding sugar to it. If you need the sweet taste, add some sweetener. But don’t overuse it. 
  • Yogurt- A white yogurt is a good option for your meal after teeth whitening. 
  • White Bread- You can have white bread without any worries. However, if you want to stand on the safer side, remove the crust too.
  • Water- You can take water as a beverage without any issues. It doesn’t stain your teeth. Also, there is no chance that water wears your enamel. 
Some other Tips to Follow after Teeth Whitening

Some other Tips to Follow after Teeth Whitening

Drink water regularly. As a beverage, it is better to drink water only. Other beverages come with color or harmful ingredients that are not good for your teeth. 

Also, brush your teeth regularly. Pick a brush that has soft bristles. Rough bristles wear out the enamel or your teeth. Also, these harm your gum. In the case of toothpaste, pick one that is not abrasive. Going on for sensitive teeth is the best choice. You can ask your dentist for a suggestion. 

Avoid any kind of tobacco products. Tobacco harms your teeth. Besides, it stains your teeth within no time if you consume it after getting your teeth whitened. 

Follow what your doctor says. 

Final Verdict

Your teeth remain over-sensitive for a while after whitening. So, you should protect your teeth during this period. 

Following a good diet, the chart can help a lot in this case. So, I’ve suggested what to eat and what to avoid within 72 hours of the teeth whitening process. Make your diet chart and avoid the harmful ones for at least three days. Doing this will help you to get the best result from your teeth whitening investment. 

Otherwise, your teeth will go back to the previous condition. In the worst cases, you’ll face gum and teeth problems. 

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