What to Do With Old Lipstick Tubes

What To Do With Old Lipstick Tubes – A Step by Step Guide

Don’t worry if your makeup closet is full of empty lipstick tubes. These are useful too in many ways. If you’re confused about what to do with these empty lipstick tubes, your confusion is going to be over. 

With empty lipstick tubes, you can do a lot of things- from earning some bucks to decorating your home. Let’s see some common uses of old and empty lipstick tubes. 

What to Do with Old Lipstick Tubes

Earning a Few Bucks

Earning a Few Bucks

If you have a lot of empty lipstick tubes, you can earn some bucks for sure. People love to buy these tubes and utilize those for different purposes. If you check online marketplaces, you’ll see numerous advertisements and announcements selling old lipstick tubes. 

You can sell your old tubes too. Capture some good pictures of those, set a price, and upload them to online marketplaces. I guess you’ll find a lot of interested buyers. 

You may ask what they do with these tubes. Well, there are a lot of purposes. Some just like to collect these tubes. Some have many more things to do. Keep reading and you’ll find what people do with old lipstick tubes. 

Storing Small and Sharp Things

Storing Small and Sharp Things

You can use an old lipstick tube for storing small and sharp things. You can store needles to any other little sharp things in it. Just put those in an empty lipstick tube and keep the lid closed. Now you and people around you are safe from getting hurt by those small sharp things. 

Also, you can store small things that are prone to be lost. For example- buttons. Keep those inside the tube and close the lid. Put the tubes anywhere. 

If you think that you can mix up the tubes, put any mark on the bottles so that you can find what you’re searching for easily. This will save you time. You can use non-removable ink to write on these. 

These tubes are also travel-friendly. So, you won’t have to buy containers for little things while you’re traveling somewhere. Your old lipstick tube will do the task. 

Storing Makeup and Body Care Products

Your old lipstick tube can be used to store body care and makeup products like- gel, moisturizer, etc. These tubes are small and travel-friendly. As a result, if you have to travel frequently, you can store your commonly used products on empty lipstick tubes and carry those with you. This is an easy, inexpensive, and convenient way of carrying your body care products with you. You’ll get relief from carrying a heavy bag. 

Using for Decorating Your Room

Using for Decorating Your Room

If you have creative decoration ideas, you can use your old lipstick tubes as a part of that. By covering them with decorative papers or ribbons, you can turn your old lipstick tubes into small pieces of decorations. Use those to turn into showpieces. 

If you have a lot of empty lipstick tubes, you can decorate your room or a side of it using those. 

If you don’t have any idea but still you want to decorate your room using old lipstick tubes, check the internet. You’ll find numerous ideas that you can use.

Final Thoughts

Instead of throwing away old lipstick tubes, you can do a lot of things using those. I’ve talked about some common ideas. If you brainstorm, you’ll find more. 

Storing and reusing such old tubes saves some bucks. Besides, it helps you to cut a portion of your very little contribution to plastic pollution. So, give these ideas a try, or find out your creative ideas. I know you’ll find something better to do. 

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