Babor AGE ID Serum Foundation Review

Babor AGE ID Serum Foundation Review of 2022 – [Explained]

A foundation is a must for applying makeup. It ensures an even complexion on which you can put your makeup. Besides, it works to cover the small to medium imperfections of your skin. There are a lot of foundations you’ll find in the market. But when it is from Babor, you should be a bit more excited. 

I was excited to try this one. As Babor is known for offering products that are a bit different from other products and ensure a better result, my expectation was high. So, I ordered one to see how it does on my skin. It has four different shades. I’ve picked the third one for me. 

I’m sharing my experience here. But before that, let’s know who Babor is. 

About Babor

Babor, also known as Doctor Babor, is a skincare brand especially known for offering high-end and high-performing beauty and skincare products. It started its journey in 1956 in Germany.

From the very beginning, Babor started using science on natural ingredients to bring out some awesome products that ensure long-term effectiveness. The legacy is still going on. That’s why Doctor Babor has a lot of fans. 

I’m also one of the fans. But don’t worry, I’m going to share exactly my experience with the product. So, stay with me. 

Babor AGE ID Serum Foundation Review

Babor AGE ID Serum Foundation Review


Babor hasn’t revealed the ingredients in it on any online source. I haven’t found any information about it. But you can depend on it because it is Babor. 


It comes in an almost black-colored vial. 

Inside the vial, the liquid foundation is very thin. At first glance, I was disappointed to see this liquid as such a thin liquid doesn’t stay balanced for a long time. 

The overall appearance of this foundation was satisfactory to me. 


It comes with an applicator sponge. All you need to do is to take 3-4 drops on the foundation on the sponge and start applying from the center of a part of your face. Gently move towards the edge. Be careful a bit while applying on the edges.

Applying for it was not a hassle at all. I applied 3-4 thin layers of it on my skin to get the expected complexion. 

Babor AGE ID Serum Foundation


The very first thing I saw was that my skin was looking lifted a bit. Babor said that this is a serum-like foundation that has some instant anti-aging benefits, but I wasn’t sure about it. But just after the application, I saw a plump and lifted skin. 

I was amazed to see that the anti-aging thing has actually worked. 

As a foundation, this is great. I thought it would expose the creases after drying. But even after it dried, it was smooth and flawless. It gave my face a beautiful coverage for the next makeup. Also, most of the imperfections were gone. 

It is also great from the point of durability. My previous foundations couldn’t hold my makeup for such a long time as this one. 

So, I replaced my old foundation with this one from Babor. 

Babor says that it protects the cells of your skin. Also, it removes the toxic things from your skin. I’m not sure about these, but I saw a visible improvement on my skin after starting this foundation. 

Overall, this is a great foundation with some anti-aging benefits. 

Pick it or not?

If budget is not your headache, I’d ask you to go for it. As a foundation, it is great. The anti-aging, protective, and detoxifying benefits have added more value to it. So, spending more than fifty bucks for such an effective and multi-talented foundation is not a waste at all. 

Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can go for it if you don’t apply makeup every day. You can use it for a long time as you don’t have to apply a lot of it. Think and give it a try. 

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