Babor HSR Lifting Cream Reviews

Babor HSR Lifting Cream Reviews of [2022] – Ultimate Guide

I’ve used the Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming cream for testing purposes and I have fallen in love with it. But I found that Babor has its special or upgraded version which is especially for dry skin. The cream is known as HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream Rich. 

So, I thought that I should try it and see how efficiently it moisturizes dry skin and lifts it up.

I did it and now I’m going to share my experience here. To check its effectiveness, I stopped using my lifting cream. Thus my aging signs were back. Besides, in winter, my skin becomes very dry. So, I was able to create a perfect condition on my skin to check this cream. 

As I’ve already used Extra-Firming cream before, I had a huge expectation from this one. Let’s see how its performance was. But before going to that, let me talk a bit about Babor.

About Babor

Babor is a Germany-based brand known for offering some great skincare products in the market. It started its journey in 1956 as Doctor Babor. 

The strength of Doctor Babor is its innovative scientific research and different types of natural ingredients. Besides using common natural ingredients, Babor uses some ingredients that are not common. Thus, starting from its journey, it is setting a different standard in the skincare industry. 

You can depend on the products from Babor without any hesitation. Though these come with a costly price tag, most of these are worthy of it. 

Babor HSR Lifting Cream Review

Babor HSR Lifting Cream Reviews


HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream Rich is focused on removing the aging signs from your skin. So, it comes with five different secret ingredients. The combination of the ingredients has made it a perfect one that can fight all types of aging signs and give you a firm and lifted skin within a very short time. 

Besides, as it is made for dry skin, it comes with additional ingredients that hydrate your skin and keep it moisturized. 


Opening the box, you’ll see a ball with a golden texture on a white surface. It looks premium and gives a premium feel when you touch it. As a luxury cream, I guess that packaging is good. However, I won’t say that I’ve loved it. It looks okay to me. 

The appearance of the cream was okay- just like a regular cream. There is nothing special. 


You won’t have to do something special to apply it. Just apply it on your skin like a regular one, after cleansing. Take some cream on your fingertips, apply to your face and neck surface, and massage gently until it reaches everywhere. 

Babor suggests using it twice a day for the best result. You can go once every 24 hours too. I’ve done both. Now let me talk about the results.

Babor HSR Lifting Cream results


I’ve already said that I had a huge expectation from this cream after seeing the performance of the previous version of it. 

It almost satisfied me through its instant performance. It moisturized my overly dry skin just after the application. It felt soft and creamy when I was applying it to my skin. But I found that it was taking a bit more time if you compare it to the previous one. This is not a big issue in most cases, but I’m a bit sensitive about it. I expect the creams to get absorbed in my skin within a short time.

So, the instant result didn’t disappoint me.

I started using it twice a day to get the results Babor offers. I applied it before going to bed expecting hydrated skin in the morning. After waking up, I didn’t see plumped and moisturized skin. But I saw some improvement in my overly dry skin. 

After a week, my skin was much better. Aging signs and lines became lighter within a week. Also, I could feel that my skin started being lifted a bit. I was not sure about it. But every day I started waking up with better skin. 

Within a month, it changed my skin a lot. It was visibly lifted. There were so many lines after I left using my anti-aging cream. It effectively lightened all those lines and removed smaller ones. In a word, it gave me a newer skin within just a month. Besides, my skin was a bit brighter than before.

After a while, I started using it once every 24 hours. This caused no major impact. 

So, I’m very satisfied with this cream. I’m so satisfied that the costly price tag doesn’t matter now. Haha.

Pick it or not?

If you have dry skin with a lot of aging signs and you want to spend more than a hundred bucks to get rid of it, you should go for this cream. Even if you don’t want to spend this amount, you should go for it. Give it a shot and you’ll love it, just like me. 

And a benefit is- you can use it once every 24 hours. This will allow you to use a pack for a long time. So, go pick it. 

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