Chantecaille Brightening Essence Review

Chantecaille Brightening Essence Review – [Best of 2022]

Serum has become an essential part of our skincare routine since it was introduced. It shows an awesome result within a very short time because it is used to carry any specific active ingredient in a high concentration. So, it comes with a very specific mission and does the job pretty well.

So, for solving a specific issue in your skin, you can use a serum. I guess you’re looking for a serum to brighten your skin complexion and that’s why you’re looking for Chantecaille Brightening Essence reviews. 

If so, this place is the perfect one for you. I’ve used this product for a few days and experienced the benefits it delivers. Also, I know the issues it can create. So, for an overall idea about Blanc Gardenia Brightening Essence from Chantecaille, you can check my review. 

Let’s not spend more time bragging and start talking about it. 

Chantecaille Brightening Essence Review


As a brightening serum, it comes with a lot of brightening and spot-clearing ingredients. For example- White Gardenia Stem Cells Extract ensures brighter and firmer skin. Besides, it focuses on soothing the skin. Garden Cress works to reduce the expression of dark pigments to remove dark spots. Chinese Cabbage Roots along with Plantago Stem Cells Extract are focused on reducing dark clusters.

Lipoaminoacid and Niacinamide work together to ensure that no new discoloration is appearing. Water Lily Extract soothes the skin so that future damages remain in control. Green Decaffeinated Coffee focuses on cleansing to ensure clean and even skin.

With all these ingredients, Blanc Gardenia Brightening Essence promises to be one of the most active serums for screen brightening.

Brightening Essence Review

My Experience

Now come to the point of what I experienced. The appearance was good. It came in a cute white little bottle with a dropper- just like a regular serum bottle. So, there is nothing much to say. But the minimalistic design of the bottle looked good to me. 

Applying it is also just like the process of applying other serums. A few drops on your skin and then evenly distribute it all over your face.

The serum was thin, but not as this as I expected it to be. However, the texture was perfect. Besides, it was taking a while to get inside the skin. This is not a big deal actually because it was faster than the cheap ones. But, from a serum that cost me almost two hundred bucks, I expected a slightly better experience than how it appeared. 

However, this can be ignored if it does what it comes for. So, I focused on the result. 

The instant result was good. I knew that it can’t instantly whiten my skin from the core and remove all the black spots. So, I was not ready for any instant result. However, it gave my skin a touch of hydration and helped it to look better. The smell was pretty good and relaxing. So, I can say that it impressed me with the instant result.

Even on the next morning, my skin was better than every morning.

Now, let’s focus on the long-term impact. It took a long time to work on my dark spots. I started seeing slight improvement after two weeks. After a month, the improvement was better. The light spots were gone and most of the dark spots turned a bit lighter. The overall complexion turned better. I was seeing the glow in my face. 

After one and a half months, the serum was finished. The overall condition of my skin was good. It gave me hydrated, more even, and brighter skin with fewer spots. So, I was satisfied. 

But I didn’t continue it because it was slower than expected. It cost me close to two hundred bucks and I didn’t expect anything such costly to work such slow. So, I didn’t continue using it. 

And then I realized another thing. The result it ensures is almost permanent. After that, I didn’t use anything to brighten up my skin. So, I thought my skin would lose the glow again and the spots would come back. 

Surprisingly, the improvement was stable. I guess I could get a better result if I continued it. 

Overall, this is a good brightening serum. For the sake of the price, it could be better. From my experience, it seems to be a bit slow to me. 

Also, it doesn’t suit all types of skin. So, if your skin type is complicated, be a bit careful before ordering it. 

Pick it or not?

I’ve discussed everything about Blanc Gardenia Brightening Essence. So, now it is your time to decide. From my perspective, it is a good serum, but a bit slow. As I buy within a budget, spending a huge amount of bucks for it is not worth it to me. 

But as a good serum, it deserves attention. So, if money is not the issue, go for it. 

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