Chantecaille Sunscreen Review

Chantecaille Sunscreen Review – [Ultimate Guides of 2022]

Protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun is important. The rays can burn your skin, increase aging signs, and cause skin cancer. Using sunscreen is a good technique to shield your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Depending on the ability, sunscreen ensures lighter or stronger security for your skin.

So, you might be looking for sunscreen to have as you have to go out regularly and heard of Chantecaille sunscreen somehow. Well, this is a good one to use to keep your skin protected from the damaging sun rays. 

I’ve been using it for a few days and found it effective in protecting my skin. So, I’m going to talk about it in detail so that you can make a decision- buying it or not. Here in this Chantecaille sunscreen review, you’ll read about my overall experience of using it. 

So, let’s get started.

Chantecaille Sunscreen Review


Chantecaille focuses on infusing the goodness of botanicals into its products. So, it comes with some botanical goodness with the protection shield. 

It comes with a proper mixture of four highly effective sunscreens with a higher SPF and non-penetrable properties. 

Some ingredients of this cream are-

Cherry Blossom, Lemon Balm, and White Tea Extract- These ingredients come with antioxidant properties to soothe the already burnt and burning skin.  

Carnosine- It reduces wrinkles to ensure firmer skin that has a more toned appearance.

Rose Centers and Uplifts- These are used to ensure a calming and pleasant scent that you’ll love.

Sunscreen Review

My Experience

Now it is time to share my experience with this sunscreen. 

The 40ml sunscreen comes in a medium-sized tube with a good appearance. I was looking for the signature minimalistic look of Chantecaille, but it was not there. The packaging was overall good but could be better. 

Leaving the rant of packaging here because it doesn’t matter if the product does its duty.

This is a very thin and lightweight sunscreen. It is thinner than most of the sunscreen out there. So, after applying, I wasn’t feeling that I have used something on my face. After putting it on my skin, I started getting subtle and pleasant fragrances. I started loving it.

It gave my skin a little bit of hydration. So, my skin was looking better. 

Now it is time to go out there under the sun to check if it works or not. 

The primary performance was good I guess because I saw less sun damage compared to other days. The scorching sun couldn’t burn my skin as it kept my skin protected all day long.

Chantecaille claims that it comes with SPF 45. I guess the claim is right. So, I started using it every day. 

From the Chantecaille website, I saw that it can be used as a primer. I decided to try this once. 

And yes, this claim was valid too. It created a firm and smooth base for my makeup. And most amazingly, my makeup lasted for a long time on it. I wasn’t expecting such a satisfactory performance from it.

After a month, I started seeing that my burnt skin started being repaired. Besides saving my skin from the damages, it started clearing the signs of previous sunburns. I was seeing the goodness of botanicals. 

Overall, it improved my skin a lot just with its protecting and soothing properties. 


  • Comes with botanical goodness
  • Saves your skin from UVA and UVB both
  • Heals previously burnt spots
  • Soothes skin 
  • Hydrates and brightens skin
  • Ensures day-long protection
  • Works great as a primer too
  • Suitable for all types of skins
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Free from Paraben, Phthalates, and fragrance


  • Contains some chemicals too

Should I buy it or not?

In my Chantecaille SPF 45 review, you can see that it worked great on my skin. I love it for many reasons. Now it is your time to decide about it, right?

It comes with a price tag that costs you almost a hundred bucks. The question is- is it worthy of the expensive price tag? 

As you have to use sunscreen every day, I guess you’ll want to go for a less expensive option. Still, I suggest picking it. As it is not a very thick one, you won’t have to use a lot to cover your face and neck. So, if you apply wisely, you can use a tube for a long time. 

However, a long time doesn’t mean 3-4 or more months. So, make a decision depending on how much you want to spend to protect your skin from the sun.

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