Chantecaille Cleansing Milk Reviews

Chantecaille Cleansing Milk Reviews of [2022] | Explained

Wearing makeup gives you confidence and helps you to look better. But you can’t wear it all the time. When you’re at home and need to relax, you have to get rid of the makeup. A makeup remover works as a helping hand for that. 

No matter which makeup remover you use, it should be able to help you remove all of it. Leaving any residue may cause skin problems later. So, be careful while selecting a makeup remover. 

Flower Infused Cleansing Milk from Chantecaille is a makeup remover that can be a good option for you. As you’re looking for reviews about how it performs, I can help you.

I’ve used it recently a few times. So, for you, I’m sharing my experience and what I think about it. I know you’re interested. So, leaving further ado, let’s start talking about it. 

Chantecaille Cleansing Milk Reviews


As a cleanser and makeup remover, it comes with a lot of effective ingredients. The best thing about it is it comes with almost 94% natural ingredients. So, if you’re someone who is looking for natural products, you can go for Chantecaille Cleansing Milk. 

Most of its ingredients focus on hydrating and soothing the skin. For example- Saccharide Isomerate keeps your skin hydrated by catching water like a water magnet. Vitamin B5 ensures a moisturized and soothes skin. Mallow/Blue Cornflower does a similar thing.

Sweet Almond Oil softens skin besides hydrating and moisturizing. The flower waxes also keep the skin soft. To ensure a healthier complexion, the Probiotic complex works. 

And lastly, the rose and mandarin fragrance are there to relax your mind by ensuring a subtle yet sweet scent.

Cleansing Milk Reviews

My Experience

My experience with this makeup remover and cleanser is good. 

It comes in a white tube with a minimalistic design, the signature appearance of Chantecaille. I love this minimalist appearance. But let’s focus on the main issue here, the performance. 

I ordered it for testing how it performs. So, I tried it in different cases. I’m sharing my experience in every case.

I’ve used it following the instructions given on the Chantecaille official website- pumping it on rosewater-damp cotton pads and removing makeup from the inner to the outer side.

Experiment 1

I tried it on non-waterproof makeup at first. I applied light makeup that day. While removing it, it was great. I didn’t have to put much effort into removing my makeup. Only 2-3 pumps on two cotton pads have done it pretty well. 

Besides removing makeup, it left my skin hydrated. Also, it left a lovely aroma. The scent was subtle and attractive. I loved how it performed. So, my first experience was great. 

Experiment 2

I did the second experiment after two days. The experiment was on heavily applied non-waterproof makeup. I was excited to check how it does this time. 

The performance was good. But I needed more. Three pumps on two cotton pads were not enough for clearing my heavy makeup. I had to use two more cotton pads with two pumps on each to remove the makeup totally. 

But the after-effect was good. It gave me hydrated skin with a gentle aroma. 

Experiment 3

In this experiment, I tried this cleansing milk on lightly applied waterproof makeup. 

It was good this time. But I had to use four cotton pads. At first two pads with three pumps on each removed most of the makeup. But to remove the makeup, I had to use two more pads with two pumps on each. 

As an after effect, it left a charming scent and hydrated skin, which was expected.

Experiment 4

This was my last experiment where I tried to remove heavily applied waterproof makeup. I was not expecting a good result seeing its weak impact on waterproof makeup in experiment 3. I just wanted to check how it performs.

I was right about it. I had to spend a lot of it to remove the makeup completely. I had to use it thrice to eliminate the makeup completely from my face. Even in the end, I didn’t feel that my skin was cleansed enough. 

But the pleasant smell was there. 

From the experiments, I’ve come to the decision that this is a good makeup remover for removing lightly applied non-waterproof makeup. 

It is gentle on the skin, leaves your skin hydrated, and gives a subtle fragrance. These things are really good about it. 

Pick it or not?

In this Chantecaille Cleansing Milk Review, I’ve shown what I’ve experienced about this cream. Now it is your time to make a decision. 

If you ask me, I’ll suggest it only if you wear light and non-waterproof makeup. In this case, it is really amazing in every aspect. It removes makeup efficiently, hydrates your skin, and leaves a gentle fragrance. As you don’t have to use it a lot, a tube may last for a decent time and make you feel that it is worthy. 

But if you wear heavy makeup or waterproof ones, don’t go for it. You’ll have to apply a lot of it. Spending a huge amount on something that doesn’t last for a long time is not a wise thing to do. So, make the decision carefully. 

I would love it if it came with a reasonable price tag. But with the current price tag, it is not worth it for someone who uses waterproof makeup or applies makeup heavily. 

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