Chantecaille Real Skin Eye and Face Stick Review

Chantecaille Real Skin Eye and Face Stick Review of [2022]

A concealer is an important investment if your face has age spots, dark circles, blemishes, pigments, or any type of imperfection. With the help of it, you can blend the imperfections into your skin and get smooth and perfect skin

But the task of getting perfect skin is not so easy. At first, you have to find a concealer that’ll do the duty for you perfectly. Complexion, shade, and many other issues are related to it. Besides, the concealer should be friendly to your skin too. So, you’ll have to be careful while buying a concealer, especially when you’re picking an expensive one. 

So, I guess you’re confused about Chantecaille Real Skin Eye and Face Stick and want to go through some reviews to be sure about it. Well, don’t worry! I’m going to write a detailed review about it as I’ve used it for testing purposes. This Chantecaille Real Skin Eye and Face Stick review will help you to know about it properly and make a decision.

Chantecaille Real Skin Eye and Face Stick Review

This concealer can be used for targeted concealing or you can use it all over your face to get a smooth and perfect complexion. 


Besides the common ingredients, you’ll find in a concealer, it comes with Hibiscus extract and Raspberry stem cell extract. These ingredients come with hydrating and anti-aging properties to ensure you better skin besides correcting complexion. 

Real Skin Eye and Face Stick Review

My Experience

I was not sure that I’d picked the right shade until I got it in my hand. But fortunately, I picked the right one. I used their Foundation Finder guideline to pick up my shade. So, I guess you can depend on it. 

It can be used for target concealing or overall concealing. I tried target concealing at first as soon as I got it in my hands.

I had some slight imperfections on my face. It was great on those. Those were small and it was great to make those vanish. But for the deep imperfections, it was not great at all. It could lighten those but didn’t remove them totally. 

As I picked it for testing purposes, I used it all over my face the next day. Applying it to the total face skin was a bit tough as it seemed to be a bit dry. The result was similar to the previous experience. It was great to cover the light imperfections. But in the case of deep ones, it was not effective at all. For medium imperfections, it was okay. 

As it comes with anti-aging benefits, I wanted to try that too. So, I didn’t stop and continued using it for a few more weeks. As I was using an anti-aging cream, my aging signs were not there. I stopped using that to check if Chantecaille concealer can tackle issues or not. 

I’ve used it for a month. My aging signs didn’t come back. So, I came to the decision that it can fight aging signs and keep those lower. But I’m not sure about how it does in the cases of other skin types. 

Overall, it can be called a good concealer that anyone can pick. 

Should I buy it or not?

So, this is the part of the reviews where I become confused. In this Chantecaille Real Skin Eye and Face Stick review, you’ve seen that it works great on light imperfections. Besides, it comes with some anti-aging benefits. Up to this point, it is a great concealer. 

But if you see the price, it is no longer a great one. When a concealer comes with such a price tag, you expect a lot more from it. It could be great on deep imperfections too. Also, it could be a bit smoother or creamier to make the application easier. 

So, confused about the decision? I am too. 

If money is not a big factor, your skin imperfections are not so deep and you want to have the experience of using a concealer from the great brand Chantecaille, you can go for it. But if you’re looking for a great concealer within a medium budget, you should go for another one. 

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