Chantecaille Retinol Intense Reviews

Chantecaille Retinol Intense Reviews of [2022] | Explained

Retinol boosts the production of collagen and enhances cell turnover. Thus it gives you brighter and newer skin. So, retinol products are praised by everyone who doesn’t have any sensitivity to it. And when the amount of retinol is doubled, the effectiveness is faster than anything. 

Chantecaille has a great Retinol serum called Retinol Intense+. You already know it and are thinking about trying it, I know. This is the reason you’re searching for a dependable review and you’re finally here. 

I’ve used retinol Intense+ for a few months. So, I can help you with my experience. I’m going to talk about my true opinion about this serum. I hope you can make a decision after going through my Chantecaille Retinol Intense+ review.

Here I’ve talked about all I think about this product. Check this out. 

Chantecaille Retinol Intense+ Reviews


Retinol Intense+ from Chantecaille comes with twice the retinol of a regular serum and many other botanicals. Thus it promises clean and bright facial skin as fast as possible. Let’s check the ingredients it comes with.

A double dose of Pure Retinol in it ensures firmer skin. Soy Bean Extract works on boosting the effectiveness of retinol. Besides, it focuses on reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Niacinamide stabilized Vitamin C and Green Decaffeinated Coffee are there to brighten your skin by reducing the visibility of hyperpigmentation. Magnolia Bark Extract focuses on soothing red skin. 

Evening Primrose Oil is there to ensure enough moisture and hydration. Saccharide Isomerate holds the water by acting as a magnet and keeps your skin plump. 

The flower waxes used in it soften your skin and the rose centers give a pleasant scent that refreshes your mind. 

Retinol Intense Reviews

My Experience

Well, I guess we’ve talked enough about the ingredients. Now, it is time to check what the ingredients could do for me. So, here is my experience.

I always love the minimalistic appearance of Chantecaille. So, the white bottle with a low profile appearance made me feel good about the product. But that doesn’t have any influence on my opinion about how it works.

This is actually a night cream, as per Chantecaille, but it is thinner than the creams we see in the market. So, obviously, I was expecting it to go inside the skin fast. 

It fulfilled my expectations. The smooth texture of the cream allows it to get vanished into your skin within no time. I didn’t feel any irritation. As an instant result, I found smoother and plumper skin. But I wasn’t satisfied until I saw what happened the next morning.

I saw that my skin was brighter the next morning. Though it was only a slight change, I could sense it. Besides, I didn’t see any side effects or irritation caused by retinol. Magnolia Bark Extracts did the job effectively, I guess. Besides, my skin was plumper than the previous day.

But the instant result is not everything. So, I waited. 

I continued using it every night. So, every morning, I started waking up with better skin. Within a week, I saw visible improvement with reduced signs of aging. The fine lines and wrinkles started getting lighter. I was really happy with the result. 

After a month, I started seeing firmer skin with a visibly brighter look. People started asking what I use for such improvement. I started sensing that my skin is getting younger with time.

I reduced the frequency of using it as I didn’t want this expensive cream to finish this fast. So, I started using it thrice a week. This didn’t have any negative effect on the previous result. My skin was still firm, bright, and wrinkles-free, even after two months. 

Overall, this is a great retinol cream. It boosts collagen production to give you firmer skin. Besides, it hydrates your skin, gives it a better texture and brighter appearance. Even people with sensitive skin didn’t face any irritation after using this cream, in most cases. 

As retinol products are prohibited for nursing mothers or pregnant women, don’t go for it if you’re one.

I surely think the price tag is somehow expensive. As using thrice a week didn’t have any negative impact on the results, you can make it last longer. From that point of view, you can make it worth the investment.

Should I buy it or not?

From this Chantecaille Retinol Intense review, you’ve already known that I’m a fan of this cream and there are reasons too. So, I definitely ask you to buy it if you want to enjoy the goodness of Retinol. 

You may think about the price as it costs almost a hundred and fifty bucks. But comparing the goodness it comes with, I’d suggest buying it. After regular use, you’ll understand why I call it a worthy one for the price. 

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