Clark's Botanicals Anti Puff Eye Cream Review

Clark’s Botanicals Anti Puff Eye Cream Review [Best of 2022]

Puffiness is cute until it is under your eyes. Nobody wants the sweet cute little bags under their eyes. It happens mainly because of water retention. It ruins your look and may cause some other issues around your eyes. So, getting rid of eye puffiness is what you should focus on. 

Well, when you want to get rid of the sweet little bags under your eyes, going for an anti-puff eye cream is what you should do. Clark’s Botanicals has come up with a good one to help you with puffiness. I’ve used it for a few days, so I have something to tell you about it. 

If you’re thinking of picking Clark’s Botanicals Anti Puff Eye Cream and looking for a trusted review, here it is. I’m sharing my experience with this eye cream. But before that, let’s know about Clark’s Botanicals.

About Clark’s Botanicals

From the name, it is clear that Clark’s Botanicals is a brand that focuses on developing beauty and skincare products that are dependent on botany. The owner, Francesco Clark, faced a horrible accident and became paralyzed. Clark’s Botanicals started its journey when it started searching for a cream to reduce the associated skin issues like redness, dry patches, and breakouts.

He developed Jasmine Absolute along with his father. It worked effectively to take care of his skin. After the invention of this, he started developing many other beauty and skincare products inspired by nature. 

The main goal of Clark’s Botanical is to help people get rid of the issues in the most natural way and look as radiant as someone can feel. It has proved that nature has everything that we need by developing products for holistic self-care. Besides ensuring beauty and care, the products from this brand give you confidence.

Clark’s Botanicals Anti Puff Eye Cream Review

The Anti-puff Eye Cream from Clark’s Botanicals comes with a handful of helpful ingredients. As a result, it is supposed to help with some other issues besides the puffiness. Let’s see what it does.


The main ingredient of this cream is Caffeine Extract that helps with puffiness. Besides, it helps the skin to be awake and active. Hyaluronic acid helps your skin to stay hydrated. 

Also, it comes with hexapeptide-11 that keeps your skin smooth and reduces the appearance of fine lines. Vitamin C and E are there to help your skin to fight free radicals and keep it moisturized. Last but not the least, Jasmine soothes the skin. 

Anti Puff Eye Cream Review

My experience

The eye cream comes in a small pump bottle which is very attractive to look at. 1-2 pumps of it are enough for one application. 

The cream is not so thin, but it was neither thick. The thickness and texture were perfect for me. Application is also very easy. 

It doesn’t come with any smell.

After the application, the area becomes hydrated and looks smoother. So, the instant reaction to this cream was satisfactory. But the instant result is not the main thing I was looking for. The long-term result was my priority. It should be too. 

So, I continued applying it two times a day, as they’ve instructed. 

After a week, still, there was no improvement. My sweet little puffy bags were still there, with a similar appearance. So, I was a bit disappointed. 

I started seeing results when it was almost two weeks after my first application. The puffy bags started getting smaller in size. I instantly started feeling good about it. 

Within a month, the puffiness almost vanished. 

But in the case of reducing fine lines around my eyes, it couldn’t help me much. Only the almost invisible fine lines disappeared. The visible ones were still there, even after a month. It was okay with the fight against free radicals. So, there were no new aging signs. 

Overall, my experience with Clark’s Botanicals Anti Puff Eye Cream was good. But as I was looking for fighting fine lines too and it wasn’t helping me, I switched to another.

A thing I don’t like about it is the price. I think the price is a bit higher compared to the benefit it delivered to me.

Pick it or not?

In this Clark’s Botanicals Anti Puff Eye Cream review, I’ve shared my experience with it. From my experience, I can suggest picking this one if hydrating and reducing the puffiness are the only focus. If you’re looking for other benefits too, you should go for a better one. 

But some people found it good for other issues too. So, the situation is confusing. In that case, if possible, you can pick one to check how it helps you. 

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