Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 Review

Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 Review

When you have to go out regularly and stay under the sun for a long part of the day, there is no alternative to sunscreen. It saves your bare skin from the damaging rays of the sun as much as possible. Besides, it minimizes the impact of sun rays on your skin. 

And when it is about protection from the sun, Colorescience has the exact thing you can look for. The Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield from this brand is a good one that can save your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. With an SPF of 50, it is stronger than most other sunscreens available in the market. 

As I’ve been using it for a long time, not every day but regularly, I guess I should talk something about it. So, here in this Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 Review, I’m sharing how I became benefited from this sunscreen. Stay tuned.

About Colorescience

Before knowing about the product, let’s know a bit about the brand first. 

Colorescience is a brand that is working to reduce the differences between beauty and skincare products. Products under the brand deliver the instant benefit of makeup and work as a skincare product to improve your skin. 

With the help of a strong R&D team, Colorescience is working for more than 12 years to create 100% natural products for our skin. Let’s see what Colorescience has for us in its Sunforgettable sunscreen.

Face Shield SPF 50 Review

Colorescience Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield SPF 50 Review

This sunscreen comes with a patented technology called EnviroScreen. As a result, besides protecting from the harmful rays of the sun, it safeguards your skin from other environmental elements too. Even your skin is protected from blue light and infrared radiation too. 

I picked the classic one from its three variations- gold, classic, and bronze. The reason was- the classic one blends in almost all skin shades. 

In my case, it did it. After the application, I didn’t feel that I have applied anything to my face. It blended with my skin without any trace and got absorbed almost immediately. The texture was very thin and weightless. So, it left no greasy or uneasy feeling on the skin. 

Overall, the experience of wearing it is very smooth. It doesn’t bother you with any type of unease. 

It comes with an instant hydrating feature. So, just after the application, I was feeling that my skin is plumped. The sudden improvement is noticeable. It didn’t create any visible layer on the skin. You can wear it to have a bare look.

The 100% mineral formula of the sunscreen ensures improved skin besides the unbeatable protection. The hydration-rich formula keeps your skin hydrated for a long time. 

I have a sweating problem. But this was perfect for me as it is sweat-resistant. Besides, it is water-resistant for 40 minutes. So, you can have a quick swimming session wearing it. 

The best thing about this sunscreen is it can be used on all skin types without facing any issues. So, you can order it without any hesitation.


  • Enters into the skin almost immediately
  • 100% mineral formula for improving skin condition
  • Loaded with powerful and gentle-on-skin ingredients
  • Comes with instant hydration formula
  • Protects from sun rays, pollutants, blue light, infrared radiation
  • Water-resistant for 40 minutes
  • Leaves no residue
  • Comes with 3 different options to pick
  • Free from chemical
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Available for any skin tones


  • You’ll be so madly in love with it that you can’t switch to another one

Pick it or not?

Yeah! You must go for it. This is a sunscreen that is full of everything you need. Besides, it is full of many other benefits too. So, you shouldn’t miss it. Using Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield is an experience that you’ll love. Go for it. 

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