Colorescience Total Eye Restore Regimen Reviews

Colorescience Total Eye Restore Regimen Reviews of [2022]

While taking care of facial skin, the skin around the eyes needs a bit more attention because a lot more issues are associated with the skin around the eyes. So, eye makeup, eye care, etc. should be focused properly. 

For help with the issues around your eyes, Colorescience has offered Total Eye Restore Regimen. This is a package of three different products to take care of the skin around your eyes. The package is supposed to erase issues like wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness on the area around your eyes. 

Just like many others, I’m also concerned about the beauty of my eyes. Due to lack of sleep and openness to pollution, my eye areas were in a sensitive situation. So, I decided to try the Total Eye Restore Regimen from Colorescience and see if it can reduce the issues or not. 

Here in this Colorescience Total Eye Restore Regimen Review article, I’m going to talk about my experience and whether you should pick it or not. But before getting started, why don’t we know a bit about Colorescience?

About Colorescience

Colorescience is a beauty and skincare brand that is focused on developing and offering products that are made of natural ingredients. Instead of instant and short-term results, they are focused on ensuring long-term improvement and benefit of your skin. So, you can depend on them.

Colorescience has a strong R&D section that researches and brings some awesome formulas after thorough quality testing. So, I depend on them. Maybe you should too.

Colorescience Total Eye Restore Regimen Reviews

Colorescience Total Eye Restore Regimen Reviews

What’s in the Package?

Total Eye Restore Regimen is a package of three eye care products from Colorescience. These are-

Total Eye® 3-in-1 Renewal Therapy (Medium Shade)

The 3-in-1 renewal therapy is for daytime protection and instant correction of the areas around your eyes. It comes with an SPF of 35. So, it saves the area from sun damages. 

Pump softly and dispense half pump of it on the tip of the applicator. Dot around the eyes and then smooth it evenly around your eyes. Take the help of your fingertips to finish seamlessly. 

Total Eye® Concentrate

The concentrate is mainly for fighting the dark circles around your eyes. Besides, it delivers proper hydration. Typically it is suggested to use at night, but you can apply it during the daytime too. 

Application is very easy. Shake the container before using it. Then, spread it evenly on your lower and upper contours. Do it properly. Lastly, pat it on your skin gently with your fingertips. 

Total Eye® Hydrogel Treatment Masks (12 Pairs Total)

Hydrogel Treatment Masks are focused on ensuring hydration and removing dark circles. It is not for daily use, weekly 1-2 times is good to go. 

You need to apply the mask under your eyes. The thinner part should sit on the inner side and the wider part should sit on the outer side of the area. Keep it there for around 10 minutes or more and then remove it. 

I suggest using it at night. But as it needs to be there only for 10 minutes, you may use it during the daytime too.

How did It Perform?

The Regimen comes in a nice box. I like the packaging. 

While talking about the performance, the 3-in-1 is amazing. I’ve already said that it is for instant improvement. It does this part very well. Just after the application, it instantly covered almost all the imperfections. The best thing is it matched my shade. 

I guess the sun protection thing is also great because I started seeing fewer sun damages within a week. 

It is a bit thick, but you can consider the thickness if you see how it covers the imperfections. 

The Total Eye Concentration was great too. It is light and gets absorbed easily. So, I didn’t have to face any uneasy feelings. It delivers instant hydration so that the skin remains good. Also, I started seeing that my dark circles are fading within just one week. 

Typically dark circles are tough to remove, but it was doing its job perfectly. 

The masks were great too as I was seeing the plump skin after removing these. 

Within a week my dark circles started fading. Within 4-5 weeks, those were almost gone. The fine lines and wrinkles were almost gone too. 

Buy It or Not?

Well, from my experience, I’ll suggest buying this package. This is total care for your eyes that saves the area around your eyes from almost all types of imperfections. 

The other reviews on the internet say almost the same thing. If you think that you need to take care of your eye area separately, this is the thing you should look for. This may seem to be a pricy investment, but you’ll love the return. 

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